RECRUITERSource – Become a Featured Client

RECRUITERSource – Become a Featured Client

RECRUITERSource is all about Partnership, trust, ongoing engagement and recruitment consulting. To get the best of a Recruitment Agency partner, both agency and company need to come together and allow the agency to really get to know the business and management team. The recruitment partner needs to understand the businesses culture, operation/revenue model, technology stack, markets and more. This way, we can attract and find the best talent suited to your companies stage in the business lifecycle. By partnering with RECRUITERS you get:

  • An Agency with an amazing track record in Recruiting within the software and online industries – we know this space and the people in it.  
  • Access to highly specialised recruiters focused on different candidate types in the software and online industry. Giving you access to great Inch Wide Mile Deep networks
  • A superb marketing and social media machine to spread your story and messages
  • Access to brilliant value-add services like our payrolling service, our in-life programme manager for contractors and temps, organisational consulting, comps and bens and more
  • An agency with lots of experience in International Recruitment and headhunting

AND most of all – better service with cost savings! For more on this point and the points above, have a look at our brochure by clicking here.

Our measure of success in RECRUITERSource is that you will organise an interview for one of our candidates without even seeing the CV because you know we get it and understand what you want. We understand what a great candidate is for your business. The obstacles to finding talent would be removed AND your time spent on this task would be released, allowing you to focus on your core business! 

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