Director of Sales  -  SaaS Product

Director of Sales -  SaaS Product

Dublin City Centre



100% performance-based bonuses, insurances, pension, gym membership. catered meals 

Experience required:
5-6 years

Sales Director – UK & Ireland

It’s a rare and wonderful situation where a company can offer the agility, speed and growth trajectory of a startup with the weight, investment and experience of a major US success. (This is one of the top tech companies in the US market and new to our shores).  If you’ve been awaiting a responsive, highly ambitious, impressive and nimble site where your experience, creativity and determination are both recognised and equalled then please take a close look here.

This is a publicly listed enterprise, with huge market share in their space. A challenger brand, with investment, to dominate in European markets and the experience and knowledge within their leadership team to achieve. This is before we even look at the sophistication of their product and its value add to customers.

A crucial hire to appoint will work hand in hand with a VP of European Sales (based here) and take ownership of a team of both direct contributors and also of sales managers (3 in total). This team is currently being hired on and growing, with good structure and numbers of approx 20 in place to date. It’s a B2B sale (with consumer drive), fairly transactional, speedy and subscription based. You’ve got to be really confident and managing numbers, metrics, KPI’s, conversions and have previous exposure in a growing site with decisions to be made and changes afoot!

Your immediate manager (The VP) is fast, supportive, highly experienced and an excellent mentor to work with. The site is open, modern, creative and resourceful with a huge focus on delivery, strategic planning and inventiveness. Attitude is key here, communication is fair and open and clear, and this role has a clear, defined route and expectations which we can speak you through at interview.


A few more Details:

This role involves managing managers and also managing a direct field sales team. The region is the UK and Ireland, so please expect regular travel to the UK.
Whilst in the UK, you’ll be handling both the field sale representatives and their activities, and also managing relationships at C level with some key, major clients.
The team of managers in Ireland will handle the daily on their individual contributors. We potentially have an open mind for a candidate who has operated at senior level, with considerable experience but is new to managing the managers. Let’s talk if you think you can do it.
Metrics, KPI’s, deliverables, activities, numbers and analytics. You should LOVE and CHERISH this. This is not a small minded, micromanaged environment, but as a Director your position needs to be that the numbers are clear, defined and working so encouraging a team to reach and maintain standards, rhythms and standards are important.
Culture – This is an open, fun, modern, supportive team whose leaders enable their members to overachieve. You should have a clear and positive communication style with measured means of encouraging and addressing the highs and the lows within a sales team.

Please let me know if you like the sounds of this and feel you can achieve. Be prepared for a high growth environment, which can bring you with it. The package is €100K Base / €100K additional. Package to add on too.


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