Experiential Event Manager | Award-winning Creative Agency.

Experiential Event Manager | Award-winning Creative Agency.

Dublin City Centre
Permanent Full-Time

€35,000 to 40,000 depending on experience.

  • performance bonus
  • great city location
  • nice-to-have benefits, discussed on application
Experience required:
3 years EVENT MANAGEMENT | Experience in a role taking initiative & generating ideas | Producing Events | Owning Relationships.

Event Manager – Outstanding Opportunity | Dublin’s Best Agency | Massively awarded.

What’s the opportunity?

Whilst you are now in a fulfilling position at an excellent agency or events partner, this position is crucial to consider because this agency, its people, team structure, environment and office are outstanding. We at RECRUITERS know this team well and so were never more confident to say a position is career-defining. If you are reading and have background in event management – strategy and production – you must apply.

Join the team with a supremely talented individual of prolific career in events in Ireland. That person was targeted by this agency to come in and drive its experiential position. This will be your mentor and colleague. Leading with exemplary skill as a creative, commercial and collaborative experiential event producer. You want to work with this person. ��

Can you provide an idea of the day-to-day work?

  • You will develop, produce and deliver projects from proposal right through to their delivery
  • Work very closely with a senior director and internal teams to evolve ideas to live experiences
  • Set, communicate and maintain timelines, budgets and priorities on every project and deliver those projects (events/ live experiences) at a level which exceed expectations
  • Communicate, develop and maintain client and supplier relationships
  • Managing admin functions to delivery weekly reports (via. MS Office) –thus ensure efficiency
  • Continually research the best current global campaigns to ensure we produce at that level

*requirement to travel to onsite inspections and to project manage events means a valid driving license is valuable

What kind of CV / profile must I present to be eligible for interview?

You must have events experience –know the ins and outs of running one from start to finish. You must be degree qualified in marketing or business. And 2-3 years’ specific industry experience. As you could guess, we need somebody highly organised who can prove their style of work is to take the initiative, drive on and get the work done.

Salary is €35,000 to €40,000 depending on experience – plus performance bonus. And various nice-to-have benefits of working for an award-winning agency which we can discuss later. Apply to Louise to day and follow up with a phone call directly. I look forward to hearing from you and taking the conversation to the next stage of meeting ��


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