Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

Permanent - Own Business Opportunity

This is based upon performance. 

  • This is based upon performance. 
  • Full training provided, excellent support and infastructure. 
Experience required:
4+ years experience professional experience - this has proven to be possible from a multitude of backgrounds!

What’s the opportunity?

This opportunity is not about securing a new role, it’s about creating your own business. However, it’s about creating your own business without the risk, investment, management and administration that may be preventing you from achieving this currently. You will be joining a wholly Irish entity, with 250+ team members, and responsible for managing approx €660 million of investment portfolios.

For anyone who feels confident in a proactive, sales and customer development focused role that provides huge flexibility, great earning potential, and extremely robust training and guidance along with friendly, personable support in both presence and finances, this will likely suit you!

The nuts and bolts of this are that you will be growing your own portion of a business / building a personal client base whom you are assisting on a number of financial products. Your skills will focus on the acquisition and development and retention of these clients, and your rewards will be constantly increasing as this portfolio builds with you.



  • This role will likely suit someone who has ambitions in regard to high salaries and control over what they earn, and is prepared to invest the time in the way one would with their own business.
  • We typically find that having experienced 5+ years in a working environment, along with a natural aptitude for communication and organisation will help in seeing the value in flexibility, a growing and ongoing investment and full and unyielding support from a really experienced team!
  • Training will be provided here in a very formal and organised way, along with ongoing shadowing and support from a qualified colleague will continue intensely for the first 3 months and then on a regular and ongoing basis thereafter.
  • These are financial products that you’ll be working with, and support and funding will be provided to you to become QFA qualified, although it’s not required from the outset.

This is a unique opportunity, with really genuine exceptional earning possibilities for those prepared and in a place to commit to it.  The skill set here could come from a variety of backgrounds and educational exposure, the common factor being the qualities that you can apply around proactivity, planning, and regularity of appointments. Year one earnings are expected to be approx €35K and with earning potentially well into €100K+ as the portfolio increases.

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