Growth Hacker - Marketing

Growth Hacker - Marketing

International - St Lucia

Your salary is non-taxable, so you're looking at gross levels of approx $60-80,000 USD, plus a bonus of approx 20%. Your full living costs are covered.

  • Relocation assistance and Support
  • Housing allowance ( will cover your accomodation in full)
  • Annual flight allowance to allow for travel.
  • Bonus ( this is performance related and up to 20%)
  • Additional Perks.
Experience required:
3+ years in a professional environment with a similar role

Growth Hacker – International

A brand new team of avenger style professionals are gathering in St Lucia, to work in a major new (kind of) payments business. With significant existing infrastructure to support this relatively new part of the business, the focus here is on the transformation of consumer payments behaviour. With plentiful markets, very strong leadership, huge capability and access – this particular role will benefit from all of the above in a career defining move.

If your background is in a cross range of digital marketing channels, with strong statistical analysis and large data sets – this is a good foundation. Twinned with exposure to a product experiencing rapid and dramatic growth with varied marketing platforms and expected growth hacking tools then this is a brilliant match for you.

With the level of experience to steer you and your colleagues, you may see this role as a superb step into a leadership role which could otherwise prove evasive whilst you clock the years of experience up in your current role. You could consider applying for this role if you have up to 3+ years’ experience.

Some more detail:

The business: This is financial payment product. As part of a new pillar in an existing consumer focused “giant”, this is similar to a “start-up” team but within the pillars of a hugely established organisation.

The product: Financial payments, consumer focused, already in operation with customers, and after a series of acquisitions has been amalgamated under one brand and “launched”.

The team: Your direct team is headed up by a highly experienced, commercial and product professional with payments background. Your peers are a combination of great individuals, some ex-pats, some from the domestic markets all of whom are similar in qualities of both technical understanding and determination of high standards, brave and ambitious approaches to their individual role within the team. The environment encourages and enables strong talent to progress with speed.

The location: St Lucia – one of the most beautiful parts of the region. Full relocation and living costs included in package. Base nett salary of approx €70USD + bonus. Full details etc on conversation.

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