Junior Sales & Account Manager

Junior Sales & Account Manager


€28,000 - 30,000 approx.


Great training, support, future progression, potential additional earnings in commission. 

Experience required:
2+ years professional experience, various backgrounds considered!

Junior Sales & Account Executive.

This is an ideal opportunity for an individual to join a really flourishing and established business, with the foresight to spot good, early stage talent and nurture that talent through a really well managed environment.

A career starting, (or re-starting, depending on your stage!), role with an Irish owned, established financial lending company will bring you into the central office of a nationwide operation assisting the SME sector in the development of their businesses. Offering a long awaiting challenge to the traditional lending institutions, this is a highly successful and thriving team who pride themselves on efficiencies, ease to work with and supportive, approachable systems that gets the job done.

This attitude of support resonates throughout every aspect of their operation, and with an engaged, experienced and ambitious management structure, your career will be in very safe hands here.

The immediate role is a Sales & Support role. The business reaches its end users through a partnership network, and your role will be office based, working in conjunction with a senior, field based team of sales directors. You’ll work through a CRM system, reaching and introducing the services through phone, email and usual outlets. Alongside this, you’ll ensure that existing customers have an additional line of regular support from you, and you’ll add another arm of management of these accounts.

Here’s what this will involve on an a daily, and future basis:

  • You’ll work in an office environment, assuming responsibility for organised and effective communication with new and existing accounts. This will be done primarily on phone and email, with opportunity for face to face engagement as you advance.
  • The role will be split roughly 50/50 with new and existing customers. All will be managed via a CRM system, where client accounts are stored.
  • New customers will be contacted, welcomed and informed of the available services. Information could be distributed, explained and made accessible in a professional, friendly and approachable way.
  • Existing customers will be onboarded accounts, who are fully understanding of the services, but will definitely benefit and appreciate the ongoing support and relationship that your engagement will provide.
  • In both of the above scenarios, you’ll have a team of sales directors, with whom you’ll also communicate and keep updated on relevant information and support from you!
  • Future progression opportunities are multiple, you can observe and grow into areas involving field-based sales / account manager or underwriting. It’s up to you!  

Who will this suit?

We imagine that there are multiple backgrounds that this person could come from. You’ll definitely need strong communication and discipline. Perhaps hospitality, retail or financial services would work. Alternatively, you may have worked in field sales previously and appreciate a re-introduction to the discipline of sales within a well organised company.

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