Remote Software Engineers - Python (Dark Web Security)

Remote Software Engineers - Python (Dark Web Security)






Experience required:
2-8 years

Remote Software Engineers (Dark Web & Python)

Want to work remotely anywhere in Ireland for a fast growing, well-funded US software company in Business risk & security? This company which now employs more than 150 people globally are establishing a software group in Ireland to combat terrorism and internet fraud globally. Customers include various governments, financial firms and various other enterprises. The company’s sophisticated technology and human-powered analysis enable enterprises and public sector organizations globally to bolster cybersecurity, confront fraud, detect insider threats, enhance physical security, assess M&A opportunities, and address vendor risk and supply chain integrity.  For this role, we specifically want software engineers who are interested in bridging the gap between building modular, efficient systems, primarily within cloud-based environments, and working directly with a team of analysts to help automate and collect relevant data from publicly available internet sources and the Dark Web.  

Sounds great – what is the day to day like?

Develop systems to handle new, varied data models, while maintaining sensible code abstractions and improve efficiency and scalability
Work with a team of analysts to identify trends from the cybersecurity threat landscape and explore them
Evaluate the fluidity, priority, and trends in internet technologies and protocols, and understand their data models  
Drive down total time taken for processing (code optimization and refactoring), deployment (smoother CI/CD pipelines), and other SLAs (delivery to clients via their infrastructure)
Improve tooling for monitoring the health and efficiency of the software solutions
Keep good documentation and runbooks to enable your team to be force multipliers for each other
Research new technologies and develop innovative approaches to the data challenges faced

What do I need to bring to the table to talk?

2 to 3 years’ experience in Python development, ideally for a software product
Ability to work remotely with a close-knit, highly -communicative and -collaborative team in AGILE
A coding personality that excels at debugging and applying glue in engineering gaps
Experience using headless browsers, Selenium, or the requests and BeautifulSoup Python packages
An organized work ethic
Comfort with online communities, the Deep and Dark Web, and social media
Comfort with writing defensive code that can handle malformed markup, slow network conditions, and edge cases
Comfort with non-deterministic input
A humble attitude and persistence to learn and to Get Stuff Done Right

What else would be great:

Understanding of Layer 7 and the browser application as it relates to web servers, typically learned through front-end and API experience
Code samples relating to client interaction with third-party applications
Experience developing or using security tools, or any type of security-oriented background
Past training in intelligence analysis
A passion for staying up-to-date on current events, particularly for reporting about cybersecurity, federal law enforcement cases, national security, gaming community tech, and social networking

What we will provide:

Compensation will be commensurate with experience, ability, and role responsibilities. Additional perks include health and pension.

We are also recruiting for Senior Engineers and a Lead engineer for the group based in Ireland also for the same client


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