Strategic Email Marketing Specialist

Strategic Email Marketing Specialist

Dublin City Centre

€40,000 - €45,000

  • Online GP visits
  • Pension
  • Canteen
  • Great offices
  • Potential to work remotely
Experience required:
2-4 years email marketing; use of Mailchimp, Hubspot or other CRM's; Excellent optimisation skills; data-driven; team-player

Strategic Email Marketing Specialist

What’s the opportunity?

Super, award-winning software as a service (SaaS) in Dublin city centre is a leader in its field with a full client portfolio using its software to charge each of their own growth within the luxury/service industry. A SaaS continually expanding, with a big focus for 2018 on US and German markets (having already but saturated Ireland and UK), we need a strong, strategic, email marketer who loves their job of doggedly, determinedly testing, breaking-down, researching, building, optimising, fixing in order to get email success!

Your job is to target specific prospect companies according to defined parameters – company type or size or spend or website – whatever is relevant. Then, create and initiate targeted emails, DM and online campaigns to those companies. It’s a challenge and a mission – you’ll know if it’s right for you as a passionate, determined, outbound marketer. It’s called ‘account-based marketing’.

Most important are 1) your experience using MailChimp, Hubspot, CRM and other technologies and 2) your attitude being determined, confident, calm and smart! You must be process- and data-driven. The job is constant optimisation so you really must be competitive and growth-oriented. You are trusted to work autonomously while reporting to a supremo Head of Marketing.

Sounds absolutely perfect for me. What will I be doing every day – what can I expect?!

  • Come in and create an intelligent, searchable database of out relevant target companies and their specifics (type, location, size, etc.).
  • Next, use an email tool (MailChimp / Hubspot / etc.) to begin AB testing outbound campaigns and, when you know what works, create automated sequences which will deliver leads for Sales. Work close with our Sales guys to ensurea steady flow of those leads to them.
  • Be innovative! Introduce new ways to contact and engage companies through incentives or gifts or alternative value adds for people who click on links in your email. And research and be shrewd about what competitors are doing and where opportunities present in the market

What requirements must I satisfy as a strong applicant?

  • Prove you are client-focused; internal and external. Inhouse, Sales is your client; you produce a steady flow of leads for that team via your outbound campaigns. And, externally, you have your eye on 100,000+ potential new client companies
  • Be experienced in email marketing campaigns – from segmenting a well-constructed database, to AB testing to find the sweetspot of effective clicked through campaigns, and creating automated sequences from there. Use of Mailchimp, Hubspot or various CRM tools
  • Innovative mindset and process-driven technique to leverage data and manipulate ideas
  • Must be ambitious to build your career, on an award-winning team, in a fun and growing SaaS

**You will be well-rewarded as a mid-level marketing exec and enjoy great benefits and opportunity in a fast-paced, fun company. Apply to Louise at RECRUITERS and follow up with a call on 01-6325043.  Keep an eye on RECRUITERS website for a full list of open vacancies which you may not see here. Many thanks  [smile]

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