Brazilian IT Professionals Come to the Rescue

Brazilian IT Professionals Come to the Rescue

Brazilian IT Professionals come to the rescue in a candidate short market

10% of the IT jobs in Ireland are filled by Brazilians  

It is now widely accepted that Ireland is suffering from a skill shortage, particularly in the IT sector.  As a nation, Ireland continues to be successful at attracting overseas talent.  In a post “Brexit” world, Ireland is now the only English speaking country in the EU.  This is hugely attractive to Brazilians who want to live in an English speaking country and work in a highly skilled job. Combined with the cultural similarities Brazilian IT professionals are helping to fill the skills gap in a perfect symbiotic relationship where Ireland gets the skills and experience and Brazilian IT Professionals benefit by improving their English skills. 

It is believed that 10% of the IT jobs in Ireland are currently filled by Brazilians, according to Recruiters statistics.  Many of them have dual citizenships such as Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.  Brian Mc Fadden, Director of Recruiters, said: “Ireland has much more demand than supply in IT. Companies are crying out for skilled workers. The high numbers of Brazilians getting jobs in the country is also because of the cultural similarities”. 

Despite the geographical and climate differences, Brazil and Ireland share many similarities, namely they are both mostly catholic nations and share many of the same holidays, not to mention a shared passion for song, dance and beer.  Brazil and Ireland are both ranked in the word’s top 20 beer drinking nations.

In 2015, the Garda National Immigration Bureau issued 96,000 new or renewed registrations of permissions to remain in Ireland. Brazilians top the list, with 16%, followed by Indians (11%) and Chinese (9%). The number of work permissions issued to non EU-citizens last year followed the same trend: 7,353 work permits were issued. Brazilians received over 22% of all first-time permits issued for the Republic.

“The number of Irish work permits for non-EU citizens in 2016 will set a new record. It's believed that the number of Irish work visas that will be granted in 2016 will exceed 9,000”, commented Gerard Doyle, Managing Director of Recruiters. He explained that the number was estimated by “Work Permit”, an agency in the UK which provides advice and studies related to immigration. According to the agency, 2,160 Irish work permits had been issued to employers during the first four months of 2016, representing a 20% increase compared with the same period in 2015.

The Community

There are around 25,000 Brazilians in Ireland. This number includes an unprecedented wave of young Brazilians coming to Ireland in recent years as part of their third-level education due to an inter-governmental agreement. It is estimated that more than 1,000 Brazilians applied for the academic year, which started last September. These, coupled with the 15,000 Brazilians already established in Ireland and another 10,000 language students, makes the community one of the largest ethnic groups from outside the European Union.

Ireland is particularly attractive because a visa is not required before entering the country and the minimum amount of saving needed to live and work is 3,000 euros – very different from our neighbour Britain, where 7,000 euros is required.


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The directors Gerard Doyle and Brian Mc Fadden have 20 years’ experience in the Recruitment arena in Ireland, recruiting for many top companies in various sectors. Before founding RECRUITERS, Gerard and Brian worked for Recruitment firm at Director Level.

Gerard Doyle and Brian McFadden

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