What developments in Big Data should businesses expect?

What developments in Big Data should businesses expect?

What’s next in the explosion of big data? Global technology research firm Gartner has come up with three broad prediction of the changes big data will bring to organisations in very real terms.

In 5 years, 80% of business processes and products developed a decade before will be reinvented, digitized or eliminated. This suggests that customers will principally become engaged with business through electronic means, powered by the Internet of Things. As these operational processes become digitised, traditional analogue and manual processes will become automated, and many business decisions will be algorithmic, based on automated judgement. A great example would be a car that automatically alerts emergency services and insurance companies after an accident.

Within a years’ time, over 30% of companies’ access to broadly-based big data would be via intermediary data broker services. Because externally-accessible big data (from innumerable web and social sites, government agencies etc.) is noisy and often out of context for essential business decisions. These services will deliver data that is relevant, clean and in context, allowing for better business decisions, whether human or automated.

In the same time frame, more that 20% of customer-facing deployments will provide tracking information to develop out the IoT. Customers are growing to demand more and more information from their chosen vendors, and as the IoT grows, product tracking will become more ubiquitous with less expensive trackers being embedded into all types of products. This will include geospatial information, performance information (think servicing information for cars), in order to provide transparency and strengthen the trust the customer has for the vendor.

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