Door to Door – The first step to a successful career in sales

Door to Door – The first step to a successful career in sales

It is believed that 70% of sales professionals in Ireland started their careers in door-to-door selling.  According to Gerard Doyle, Directors of, door to door selling is hugely undervalued by job seekers and should be viewed as an apprenticeship.  He said

Door-to-door selling suffers from a negative reputation, however, the working conditions have greatly improved with some employers offering basic salaries plus commissions and favourable working hours. In a digital age, consumers are responding positively to a face in front of a product. 

RECRUITERS also noticed that employers looking for sales professionals, from agent to manager level, respond positively to candidates coming from door to door sales.

Companies assume these professionals know how to handle rejection and also have a full understanding of the sales cycle. They are also persistent and highly motivated 

stated Doyle.

Door to door sales is one of the oldest profession in the world. It started in Babylon (former capital of the Babylonian Empire) with peddlers who used to sell products from a horse and cart. Sometime later, Turkish traders began knocking on people’s door to sell utilities and foreign products.

One of the best-known cases of success is John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of the Patrón Spirits Company, in the United States. While he was young, he went door-to-door persuading people to buy encyclopaedias. According to him, he developed his power of persuasion and resilience by going to several doors every day.

The Wave

RECRUITERS are delighted to announce the opening of 40 new door to door vacancies for an Irish client. The interviews are happening now and CVs are accepted by the agency team.


RECRUITERS is a full-service Irish recruitment agency with a reputation for excellence, customer care and speed of response. Their efforts have been recognised and awarded by the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) year on year.  The company partners with employers to identify and hire the best talent in IT & Telecoms, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance and HR. They can facilitate job seekers with permanent, contract or temporary jobs.

This year RECRUITERS celebrated 10 years in business and have recently moved their headquarters to larger premises on Leeson Street. The directors Gerard Doyle and Brian Mc Fadden have 20 years’ experience in the Recruitment arena in Ireland, recruiting for many top companies in various sectors.

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