How I got from the Travel Industry into Recruitment

How I got from the Travel Industry into Recruitment

We have been discussing in the office how we made the move to recruitment and if we felt our previous jobs helped. I decided to put fingers to keyboard to give some information on moving into recruitment from my own personal experiences.  

My First Job

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After college I was uncertain as to what direction I wanted to take my life. Luckily, right in the middle of the recession and straight after college I was offered a great opportunity to join a family-run business that specialised in group and sports travel. The role was an ever changing position that involved a mixture of sales, operations, administration and customer service. I really enjoyed my time in this business due to the range of projects I could take on and the lively environment and team that I was a member of for three years.

Itchy feet…

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As happy as I was, a part of me started to get curious about other roles and different industries. I started to look online and saw numerous generic adverts and “small cog in big machine” job specs. I decided to speak to a few friends that had recently moved careers, and asked them about sales and account management style roles. One gentlemen was particularly helpful and one day suggested recruitment. While it was something I was not overly familiar with or knew much about, it did excite me, it seemed slick. Recruiters seemed to always wear nice suits were walking around town with purpose heading to “networking events” in exciting places. Seemed like a good deal to me.

Handing in my notice…   

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One big fear I had leaving my role was that I would lose the juggling of multiple tasks, the autonomy of my working day and the high levels of people interaction from both the  Business to Business and Business to Customer aspects of the job. Recruitment seemed to tick those boxes, as well as a genuine chance for career and personal progression based on my work ethics as opposed to time served with the company, that might be seen in other industries. I interviewed with a number of agencies and was delighted to accept an offer from After meeting the directors and senior team members I felt that I could do something great and enjoy doing it there. In saying that I was terrified regarding handing in my notice to a company that felt like a family and treated me so well. Starting in a career known for highs and lows and hearing about an industry that some people aren’t cut out for only added to the fear and excitment.

Starting to get it…

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Month by month I gained more confidence and could see how my time spent in my first job had armed me well for recruitment. I had the ability to multitask and enjoyed jumping between account management, cold calling, business development, helping candidates and meeting clients. My time in group travel also prepared me for the longer “sales cycle” that might not be seen in a lot of sales roles. There was still a lot of new learning but the core skills I picked up made it easier to transition and ride through the lows to those highs I had heard so much about. I have been in my role just over three years now. I am extremely happy and thoroughly love my job and the recruitment industry. I am one of the lucky few who has managed to find a good jobs in an interesting industries while working alongside some great people. I can confirm that the skills I gained were highly transferable. I wanted a fulfilling job that offered me a chance to move up the ranks, my expectations and ambitious were met by my new role.

It could be you…

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As I mentioned, recruitment (like most jobs) may not be for everyone but if you like a role that will keep you on your toes, that is based around people interaction and where no two days are the same, it may be time for you to find out more about recruitment. Don't hesistate to send me a mail!



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