If Simpson’s Characters were CVs

If Simpson’s Characters were CVs

As a Recruiter, I spend day after day looking at dozens and dozens of CVs of every type imaginable. Like every Recruiter, I receive a wide variety of CVs from every possible background. And, like every person my age – No matter how I try I can’t help but compare and contrast this unrelated topic to Simpson’s characters.

The ‘Homer Simpson’

This is a CV that once you finish reading, you can’t help but really, really like it – even if you’re not sure why? Their experience might not be relevant, they might have studied in a field that has nothing to do with your open vacancies, but my god there is something likeable and charming about this person. Maybe it’s the space travel and winning a Grammy, but who knows? This person got their charming personality across on paper, and that’s impressive.

Homer Simpson

The Lesson

Make sure your personality comes across in your CV. Everyone has an appealing interest and hobby. Maybe you climbed a mountain? Or travelled the world? Give the interviewer something to talk about and showcase that wonderful personality of yours!

The ‘Malibu Stacey’

Ahhh...The ‘Malibu Stacey’. This is a CV from a person who has taken the formula (Maximum Word Art + dozens of different colour fonts = Career success!). This candidate’s amazing experience is hidden behind a sheen of outdated graphics and more colours than a double rainbow. I have literally seen sparkly graphics on a candidate’s CV. Sparkles have not helped anyone’s career since the 80s. This is a fact.

Malibu Stacey

The Lesson

Lose the Wordart! While presentation on a CV is important, don’t go into overdrive. Ensure that your CV is presentable, tidy and professional.

The ‘Frank Grimes’/ ‘Grimesy’

Frank Grime’s grew up the hard way, he worked himself to the bone and got himself a Masters in Nuclear Physics before ending up working in Springfield’s Nuclear power plant alongside Homer. Throughout the episode he focuses on taking down Homer rather than promoting his own capabilities and it proves to be his ultimate downfall. I think Grimesy would have been a lot further ahead in life if he had presented himself better and gotten his experience and intelligence across to Mr. Burns and other potential employers.

Frank Grimes / Grimesy

The Lesson

Your CV is the one opportunity in life you have to shamelessly show-off all of your incredible experience and education you worked so hard to get. At least once a day a candidate will leave out a key piece of experience from their CV or just not present their previous work history in an appealing manner.

The Ned Flanders - ‘Howdiddily Doodilly Recruiterinno!’

Ned is often a target of ridicule in the Simpsons, especially from our boy Homer. However, you can say what you want about Neddy, that man has got his life together. Ned had a prosperous career with a pharmaceutical company before successfully launching his own business. All of this while...

Raising a family (single-handily after his wife passes away)
Staying in great shape. Homer and other characters express their surprise when they learn Ned is 60, rather than in his forties.
Making an impressive amount of money – Homer is astounded when he accidently opens Ned’s mail and see how much he earns.
Doing an incredible amount of charity and community work.
Rocking that moustache.

Ned Flanders

A CV can show not just an entire persons career, but their life as well. Occasionally I get a CV from a ‘Ned’ and I can’t help but feel impressed.

The lesson

We should all aspire to be more like Ned. Moustache included.

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