How to Improve your Hiring Process

How to Improve your Hiring Process

Hiring Managers often write a brief description of the job they are hiring for and don’t put much thought into breaking the position down into manageable and measurable responsibilities. This article will help employers improve their hiring process with this simple, yet effective, tasks: 

Clearly define the position and requirements

Some managers don’t look at the finer details when it comes to hiring. They write a brief description for the job and don’t put much thought into breaking the position down into manageable and measurable responsibilities. By clearly defining the job and positions requirements the candidates who apply will be far more relevant for the positions. It will also give the interviewers more structure and guidance when asking questions and assessing candidates. It becomes a roadmap for establishing which candidate is the best fit.

Create and use a hiring scorecard

Further to this Interviewers can use the job spec to structure their interviews in more detail. Measuring candidates against one another by the same skills and experience. Interviewers can grade candidates on specific qualifications or skill sets that have been established as a necessity for the role.

Make being responsive to candidates a priority

This issue happens a lot with bigger companies. Piles of applicants apply to a position and they are only replied to months down the line, if at all. It’s important to reply to every applicant to ensure your reputation is held high in the job market. Applicants who are not suitable now may be suitable once they have gathered more experience.

It’s important that these promising candidates of the future see your company in a positive light.

Don’t underestimate the power of pictures and video

People interact with photos and video more online than written material. It is too difficult to gain an understanding and perception of your company from words alone. So it is important to visualise your company as much as possible for potential applicants to process.

Create a careers blog for your company

It is important the outside world gets an insight into your company. It is great to show what you are about and what your culture is like. A blog can allow employees to talk about their workday, departments, events or simply why they work where they do. Experiences from real employees give a high level of authenticity and trust that no marketer alone can create.

Structure the interview

Make sure the same questions are being asked of each candidate and are related to the key accountabilities previously identified for the position. This will allow for a consistent framework and fair assessment of all candidates.

Master Your Employer Branding

Be familiar with every touchpoint your brand has with the outside and digital word. Your website and social media is now your brand's identity, searching for your company online is the first action people will do when interacting with your organisation. You know where they are going to find you, so control the tone, control the message and control what they see.  

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