Our New Training Partner!

Our New Training Partner!

RECRUITERS are delighted to announce our new partnership with TSS training. Retention of your team is key, and training and upskilling your employees is crucial for success. TSS training are a market leader, and in our minds the best in the business, in training for Management Development, Professional Selling, Customer Care and Communication Skills.  They offer a wide and diverse range of open and in-house business skills development programmes. This is a practical, hands on training service that delivers results. We are proud to associate ourselves with their expertise and look forward to growing in tandem with their service.  

TSS Training offer courses for Management / Sales / Customer Service / Communication Skills / Sales Support Service.

All of their training courses can be tailored to your specific requirements and presented on site at your convenience.  

To find out how they can help your business grow contact 01890 260 006.

You can also download a summary of all there programmes here

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