Reasons to Change Your Career

Reasons to Change Your Career

You Fell into Your Current Career

Sometimes your choice in career wasn’t necessarily a choice at all. Maybe a friend or family member helped you out with some work or maybe you took the first position you were offered. You may have taken a job because of a passion or skill you use to have but no longer want to develop.

If you are perhaps where you are due to some random turn of events then it could be time to consciously decide what your next step is. Figure out what transferrable skills you already have and determine what industries they might be suitable for.

Career Burnout

One of the most common occurrences and one of the most important reasons for switching careers. This scenario happens when someone is tired of their job and struggles to get themselves to work every day. There main goal for the week is to get to the weekend. Everyone should strive to find a profession that drives them and feeds their ambition.


Money can often be a career change reason and can play a major influence in peoples career decisions. Sometimes the industry you’re in doesn’t support your financial plans and aspirations. However it is not healthy to change careers based on money alone. 

Your Current Career Isn't Aligned With Your Values

It can be difficult to be happy at work when you’re not living out the values and principles that are important to you and your career.  It is important to understand what you want out of your work life and whether you are currently feeling fulfilled in what you do. Ask yourself what would make your day to day more satisfying and what do you have to do to change it.

The Job Outlook in Your Field Has Worsened

Perhaps future career prospects and promotions looked promising in your field when you first started in it. However it is possible that changes in the workplace, industry and economy can occur, as a result you may no longer see the promising future you once did. An industry that is flourishing may seem like a more attractive option to future grow your professional skill set, experience and influence.

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