Recruitment Diary: Part Four

Recruitment Diary: Part Four

Practice makes perfect

I sit on an exercise ball at work. That’s a pretty random detail about my job, but it fits in to the story here, around the 6 week mark.

I told you about last week, meeting candidates, trying to get nosy and settling into the routine of a competency based interview. The nerves paid off when I met candidate number 6, a spectacular HR woman who couldn’t be any better for one of my jobs, and to whom the company was a particularly good fit.

Following the lead of my closest teammate, we conducted the interview, wrote a detailed send out and off her information went to the client. My face was alight with pure excitement, and like the total rookie I was, I couldn’t help but think it would all work out perfectly and she’d be hired in no time.

My fantasy was only fuelled by the client responding with an interview request within the hour. And now, just imagine me atop my exercise ball, brimming with delight and nearly toppling myself over. I was quite literally bouncing for the rest of the day, hardly able to focus but even more determined than ever to become a really good recruiter.

It took me a few weeks, but after meeting a candidate that I felt that I could help progress in their career, a candidate who I truly believed in, I realised just how rewarding this job could be.