Start Up Pitch Competition - Techconnect Live - Dublin

Start Up Pitch Competition - Techconnect Live - Dublin

One thing is for sure - technology is super duper. We love it! We do everything with it! Well, almost everything. But there seems to be one thing that ain't going anywhere. What's your pitch?

For those that didn't know - Irelands largest business and technology event happened last week, TECHCONNECT LIVE. Terrific. Within the stream of techie business information, was (in my humble opinion) one of the most engaging parts of the show. Upstairs, with a bird's eye view of proceedings took place the WAYRA START-UP Pitch Competition. Stepping out from behind their start-ups to try and receive the winning prize were the CEO and founders of what could just be the Next Big Thing. With 6 businesses in the running5-minute window each, and a tough panel of judges to impress...Things were beginning to feel a lot like......a final round interview!

The deserving winner was Lucinda Kelly of Popertee (Bualadh Bos Lucinda! - Check out Popertee, a super smart, very clever, B2B Air BNB type business). So what can we learn from these speakers, and how can we remind ourselves of the power of preparation, human interaction and face to face selling as we all look for our YES's in this technological age?


But don't overuse it. If you're presenting, there's a reason YOU'RE there. Whatever you choose to use, use it well. (Get help if necessary). Your presentation is your aid, not the other way around.


You need to anticipate relevant questions to what you're there to speak about. Don't simply expect to be able to regurgitate portions of your presentations to answer panel questions. Thinking on your feet is a lot easier if you're prepared.


Watch this like a hawk. You must give an impression of control, of confidence and of familiarity. (Nothing will make you stumble)


Whether you're pitching a business, or pitching yourself, your audience must gravitate towards you and want to know more.


Before you attempt this presentation in front of your panel, practice it (a lot) in front of the mirror. When you're modestly/reasonably happy with how wonderful you are, it's time to test it. (ON...Yes, you guessed it, another real person!)


All the participants in this competition were hugely memorable in their commitment to their business. Well done them. If you're in an interview, and you want to have the option of taking this job or not - then you better convince this panel of what you can do for them. (What they can do for you will come a little later).

Well done also to other prize winners, and Sanctify - we'll be keeping an eye on you!

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