The Difference Between French and Irish CVs

The Difference Between French and Irish CVs

Finding a job is a major challenge for many French expatriates. But before responding to offers, having a resume tailored to Ireland is essential. Because the Irish and French resumes differ on several points.

The number of pages

While in France, a page is normal, it is possible to do more in Ireland. The length of the CV depends mostly on your work experience., Director Jane Gormley of RECRUITERS states:

Keep it short and sweet; its sharper: two pages is perfect 

The "profile summary"

The "profile summary" does not exist in France and yet it is one of the most important parts of your CV in Ireland, which will be consulted first by recruiters. This is a personal definition of yourself in four or five lines. It summarizes your resume should be put at the beginning. " It is a professional definition that describes your skills and should contain keywords," says Jane Gormley. How long you work for instance, or what your professional goals are.

Professional experience

This part is also essential to write a good CV. The experience is often more important in the Emerald Isle as diplomas. It is, therefore, preferable to make this your experience before your qualifications in the structure of your resume.

All recruiters recommend putting your most recent experience first, early in the headings and detail more than your first job. Avoid talking to the first or third person. Prefer more impersonal phrases like "responsible for, employed by ..." 

Finally, be sure to have the relevant information and updates on your LinkedIn profile if you have one (which is highly recommended). Many recruiters will check and verify the information in the CV.

Photo and Details

Discrimination laws were not courses in Ireland, so it is possible for you to put in your photo, select your gender or your age. However, recruitment agencies do not advise it.  

The first reason is that a lot of multinational companies in Ireland and they are used to enforcing anti-discrimination laws: therefore do not specify your gender, your religion or marital status 

Advocates Jane Gormley.

The debate on the photo is also present in Ireland but most recruiters prefer a CV without. 

We do not like pictures say Jessica Manina Lincoln Recruitment. But if you want to put one, make sure its a professional photograph. Because some people sometimes take selfies and this very unprofessional 

Interest and miscellaneous

The topics of your interests and your skills (eg IT or language) should also be included in the resume at the end, as in France.

Additional tips

Tailor your resume to each company to show that you have knowledge about the company and you really want to be hired by it.

Pay attention to the spelling mistakes especially during translations of your areas of expertise. If possible, have it re-read by an Irish person!

CV layout must be impeccable: keep the same typeface, aerate the CV.  

Recruiters spend an average of 20 or 30 seconds on your resume so it must be neat and easy to read. The last thing a recruiter wants is to seek information so do not hide behind a display of sophisticated graphics.

Last thing, the references from former employers are often appreciated: please provide your CV.

If you do not know at all how to start your resume, many online sites offer templates (a substance already pre-filled) that you can customize. You have many examples here , depending on your career advancement and professional experience.


This article originally appeared on Leptit Journal

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