Think about the candidates!

Think about the candidates!

RECRUITERS are on a nationwide seminar tour to feedback 2017 recruitment findings to the market - So what have we looked at this month?

RECRUITMENT ISN'T ALL ABOUT INTERVIEWING for candidates. It's about preparation, decision making, communications, business expansion, legalities, branding, marketing, content and consultations. There are so many things that happen through an interview process it's (literally) going to take me a year to get through explaining it all! Having studied carefully what our consultants observed, witness and learned from the industry through 2017, we're feeding this back out to help everyone make some improvements in 2018.

Starting at the beginning, a very successful manager, yesterday at our seminar, remarked to me how useful the session had been. Useful, because it had reminded him of what he had forgotten - TO THINK ABOUT THE CANDIDATES!! With all his years and experience of being able to know what HE wanted from an interview, he'd repeatedly overlooked what the CANDIDATE could rightfully expect from the experience.

Having mused overturned down offers, mis-hires, and the possible root of miscommunication - he left with a far greater grasp of what the EMPLOYERS responsibility was in the interview room. The most positive outcome both parties can expect from a 1st Round interview is to make sure that both sides have a clear and honest understanding of what this job involves. Then it's on to stage 2.

So what do Ireland's candidates want to know?

Hint - what do you think?! They want to know why this is a good move for them. They would love to know about their potential team and potential manager. They want to know what you're going to expect of them. They'd like to know salary ranges please! (This doesn't need to be a secret). They're interested in understanding what real life, day to day reality of working here is going to be. The higher up the seniority ladder they go it's probably more focused on the trajectory of future growth and business plans. In short - They want to know why whether they should really want to work with you - or not. So employers - before you go inviting someone into that interview room, you should be able to answer that question with assertiveness.

Fear not if you're getting this a little wrong, you're not alone. One of the highest ranking positions in the world was awarded to someone who clearly never got a decent job spec...

Like to join us? RECRUITERS are in Drogheda on Tuesday 27th February for a briefing in The WestCourt Hotel, Drogheda.

It's a free ticketed event and you can register for free here. Hope to see you there!


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