Trumps Rhetoric - A Weird Fact That’s Not Mentioned…

Trumps Rhetoric - A Weird Fact That’s Not Mentioned…

Does anyone know what NAIRU is? I didn't until today, It stands for non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment. Yawn. This is a sustainable unemployment rate to aim for in the country without driving up inflation basically. Most economists in the US would put this at 5%. When Ireland had an unemployment rate of 4.5% we figured this was "Full employment". What this means is that 4.5% of the population can't work (Students, home-carers, people on disability) or just won't work (welfare trap).

So the unemployment rate in the US now?


The trump rhetoric is all about making America Great Again and getting back all the millions of jobs lost. If he blocks people born outside of the USA looking to come and work there - who will do the work? The baby boomers are retiring and in most western countries the greater % of an aged population needs care. That costs. Would lower unemployment rates (not to mention American Manufactured goods being sold to Americans) drive up prices and inflation in America more and more?



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