We Are Now Open on Leeson Street!

We Are Now Open on Leeson Street!

The RECRUITERS team is delighted to announce that we have officially moved into our new office at 63 Leeson Street Lower!

The whole team put in a huge amount of effort over the weekend to make sure we were up and running on Monday morning.

Here are a few images of some of the fun!

Moving offices with dog

Bowser was keener than anyone to get moving into our new five-story over basement office!




Some of the team at our old boardroom meeting! Of course, ice creams were needed! Recruiters team

A view from outside our beautiful new home... the sweet smell of optimism in the air 

Leeson Street

Fun fact! Leeson Street was originally known as Suesey Street but it was renamed in 1728 after the Leesons, a family of local brewers, who branched into property development and subsequently became Earls of Milltown.

Upper Leeson street is connected to Lower Leeson Street by Lesson Street Bridge which flows over Dublin's Beautiful Grand Canal which is a minutes stroll from our Georgian office.

Below is a sneak peek at our new hallway! We're going to need some furniture...


Our front door is always open...come on in! Pssst...We've since painted it orange...

New office entrance

Some of the team enjoying a hard-earned drink after all the action on Sunday evening!

Recruiters team

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