Interview Questions - What’s Your Biggest Weakness??

Interview Questions - What’s Your Biggest Weakness??

What would you consider to be a weakness of yours?  

The ultimate interview question that no one is 100% sure how to answer - "What's your biggest weakness?"

But it's actually a great question. And this article will explain how to prepare and answer it.

Going into an interview is like going for a sing-song in a karaoke bar - you don't know what's going to be thrown at you. But, it's fair to say that in nearly all interviews, there's a good chance you will be asked about your weaknesses. This is an opportunity to prepare, nail the question, stand out, and seal the deal. 

First up

Obvious of them all but just to reinforce it again here...never say you don't have any weaknesses. This is probably the worse answer you can give - so stay clear! Even Superman can't deal with Kryptonite.

The Double Whammy

A second mistake to avoid is to confess your weakness but then go on further to explain how you are improving upon it. A simple example might be that you are a graduate, therefore you are inexperienced. However, this is counteracted by the fact that you are an enthusiastic, fast learner. You might be an expert Marketer when it comes to ad campaigns and budgeting but you struggle a bit with writing content. Then highlight the copywriting course you took/plan on taking.  

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The Oldest Trick 

 "I work too hard sometimes." Many interviewees will try to turn a negative into a positive. "I'm too much of a team player" Interviewers see right through it, you can do better! 

Always say something trainable

“My biggest weakness with regard to this job is that I haven’t previously worked with your database system before. However, I am a fast learner as I displayed in my previous role, I had no knowledge of the property industry but I researched the in-house literature on my weekends and picked it all up very quickly”.

There might be a part, process or system in your new job that you are not familiar with. Explain how this happened in your last job too, and how you overcame it. 

Don't be too honest

"I always watch the clock at work and have a very short attention span.", "I gambled all of my wages". Don't be too honest, keep it related to the job at hand.  

Project Examples

Previous projects can be a good method for answering this question. "Last year I overlooked a trend we found in our older target demographic, it resulted in the campaign only reaching 75% of our ambitious target. As a result, I have always made sure I give enough time and effort needed to access the market data. So I try to be more vigilant with the bigger picture." 

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Ciaran NeilanThis article was written by Ciaran Neilan, previous Marketing Manager at RECRUITERS.

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