What are the future trends of Software Development?

What are the future trends of Software Development?

There are hundreds of software programming languages, but some are far more popular or in demand than others.

When a company goes out to find new programming talent, they're looking for people familiar with the languages and systems they already use and for developers who follow the trends and upskill quickly.

In the software development industry, new technologies are emerging almost every year. Staying ahead in the market is very important for every programmer 

Gerard Doyle, Managing Director of Recruiters.ie.

He goes on to mention that one of the older languages still in demand is C# - a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Microsoft.

Recently we opened up several C# .Net roles, from junior to principal level, in a selection of high performing Irish Software companies 

Explained Doyle.  

Apart from that, here are some languages that are changing how programmers tell computers what to do and how the world has been using them: 

  • The front-runner is Java, originally invented in 1991 by Oracle but the most popular language in Ireland. It is believed that 20% of Developers are experts in Java, which is crucial to mobile development.

Learning new technologies to use with Java such as Play or Scala is crucial to be in the market

  • Scala is a programming language that incorporates object-oriented and functional programming into a concise, logical and powerful language. This programming language can handle huge data, match patterns and focus on interactive development. Scala is making huge strides in the financial world as organisations need to manage Big Data.    
  • R is another Big data language that is used for statistical computing and graphics. One of R’s strengths is the ease with which well-designed publication-quality plots can be produced, including mathematical symbols. It's available as Free Software.
  • Another software framework for storing data and running applications is Hadoop.

Hadoop has the ability to store and process huge amounts of any kind of data, quickly and the flexibility. That includes unstructured data like text, images and videos

  • F# is a multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses functional, imperative and object-oriented programming methods. Although F# is great for specialist areas such as scientific or data analysis, it is also an excellent choice for enterprise development because it is regarded as easy to write concisely and to solve complex problems on desktop and mobile platforms.

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