What’s Facing the Irish Agribusiness Sector?

What’s Facing the Irish Agribusiness Sector?

What's facing the Irish Agribusiness sector?

KPMG have launched their (much anticipated) agribusiness report. Amidst a rather turbulent environment of multiple questions around Brexit, a rowdy US leadership and (of course) ongoing and increased consumer demand for quality, food safety, animal welfare, carbon footprint, working standards for farmers along with, crucially, affordability for consumers - there's a lot facing the global agribusiness sector, and indeed the Irish food industry. KPMG and the Irish Farmers Journal reports tells us that the mood within our agribusiness sector is one of confidence, so good news. 80% of companies expect their organisations to grow, and 52% expect this growth to exceed 5%.

The key question today was whether (and how) to make their businesses sustainable - and what indeed does sustainability mean? With a staggering 94% of companies tying the importance of sustainability to their business, and 88% believing that sustainability is important to communities, what precisely do we mean by that? The industry here in Ireland is a wealth of experts who are all endeavouring to partner together to get this message to an international audience. The research bodies, the governing authorities, agricultural workers, the race for food safety to stay ahead of counterfeit market, the (thankfully) indications of a rising consumer interest in Responsibly Produced food are all seemingly making progress to agree on what and who can protect and promote the agribusiness within a demanding global market.

Owen Brennan (Devenish) and Patrick Coveney (Greencore) were among those on hand to address some of the commercial challenges and opportunities facing us. Brennan's quote summarising the importance of the hard work involved, and the importance of the messaging in order to reach the buying consumer of the need for ongoing change.

Early to Bed, early to Rise, work like Hell....and Advertise.
(One to remember for us all)

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