Why Mondays aren’t so Bad

Why Mondays aren’t so Bad

Since I was old enough to understand the meaning of the “work week” I have heard the good name of Monday being assaulted and slandered. Every Sunday evening there are social media attacks on Monday, I believe these to be unjust and unfair. I am apparently one of the rare souls that enjoy Mondays and want to share how my vision on how I see the working week and how I feel people should perceive it.


Monday – A Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the last week. A start of something new. Mondays are a fresh start. You see people who haven’t met in a few days. You find out about their weekend, exchange stories of gallivanting, games of golf, matches watched, deciphering if you did see each other spilling out of Coppers on Saturday night. You have your freshly washed and ironed clothes, matching ‘Monday’ socks, packed lunch with the healthiest and best intentions.


Tuesday – This is the snake in the grass. Your fresh start is tainted. You’re tired from your big push on Monday. You have now run out of stories to talk about with colleagues and resort to the dreaded ‘ha, yeah, you told me’. You are far from the weekend and the last one seems like a distant memory. There is nothing on the TV when you come home. The only saving grace is you still have your lunch from the weekend, clean clothes and matching “Tuesday socks” prepared.


Wednesday – Known as ‘hump day’ by many. Get through this day to reach the gateway to the weekend. You have gotten your second wind. At this stage, you are relying on getting a chicken fillet roll at lunch and you are hoping that people don’t notice you are wearing odd socks. You are quietly optimistic that the weekend is close.


Thursday – Sure it is practically the weekend. It is usually filled with meetings and plans. Thursday has the hallmarks of “let’s get it done!” Everyone wants to clear their workload before Friday comes and there is a sneaking social underground. Lunches, after work drinks and Thursday night tag/Astro is prevalent. Spirits are high and it’s been a good day.


Friday – Well we made it. Everybody’s favourite day. Your good intentions, prepared lunches, clean clothes and socks might not have made it to the end of this five-day slog but you did. That’s all that matters. Smiling waves and cheeky ‘just go for the one’ winks fill the office. The weekend is here and it all starts all over again.

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