Work Permit Ireland. A Simple Solution.

Work Permit Ireland. A Simple Solution.

It’s no secret that the number of workers recruited to Irish based businesses from abroad is constantly increasing- particularly within the technology field.  However, there is still an uncertainty among many companies about how to go about securing a work permit for Ireland for this talent. 

Here, at RECRUITERS, we’ve helped a number of software companies in Ireland to find talent from around the world. We use data to identify where within the EU we can identify specific talent with specific skills and help them to understand the visa process and its implication for their new hires. 

The process of securing a work permit for a candidate moving to Ireland from outside the EU is actually quite straightforward. Developers, QA, Dev Ops and Infrastructure Engineers are featured on the “Critical Skills List” – almost all of the positions involved in software development are covered.

To secure a work permit, a job offer must be for at least 2 years or more and the salary must be over €30,000. To be illegible for a visa, the candidate must have a degree relevant to the role that they are been hired for.  

Basic requirements also include a colour copy of their passport and a passport sized photograph. The application process was changed in September 2016.  Applications can now only be made online and applicants can now pay their own fee, currently costing €1,000.  Previously this fee could only be paid by the employer.

In cases where applications are rejected, the applicant will receive a 90% refund. As for employer’s, the only requirement is to provide a job offer in writing along with a copy of a recent Paye/PRSI receipt (P30) from Revenue. It is estimated that the legitimate applications can be approved in about 6 weeks – the majority can take from 4 to 8 weeks.

If I provide the visa, can the employee leave the company?

Any employee who holds a Permit is tied to the employer for at least 12 months. After that period, they can be hired by another company but only if the new employer applies for a new Permit. After two years it’s much easier for the employee to change jobs as the employee now will have the right to apply for definitive permission to live and work full time in Ireland.  2016 is not closed yet for the Immigration Department.

So far, the biggest beneficiary of Critical Skills Permits is the HSE with over 1000 permits issued to October 2016. In total, over 8,000 work permit of various categories has been issued to the end of October 2016 compared with 6,100 for the same period in 2015.   Interestingly, 1,500 permits were issued to applicants coming from India.

So, should I go for it? Where do I go to find the talent?

 It is surprising that companies in Ireland are still reluctant to consider applications from professionals abroad, despite a critical shortage of tech talent in the country and measures taken by the government to facilitate a fast and easy process. Here, at RECRUITERS, we’ve helped companies in Ireland to find talent. And it is not even necessary to go abroad!

There are plenty of qualified professionals already in Ireland. The vast majority come here to improve their English language skills on student visas which can be easily converted by the Critical Skills List. 

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