WorkFlow ICT - Young Success Stories

WorkFlow ICT - Young Success Stories

Our very own Eveline Zerio is giving a motivational talk tomorrow at the Bank of Ireland Start-Up Space in Grand Canal Square. Eveline will discuss the challenges she met when moving to Ireland, and how she grew her successful career in recruitment. 

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FREE motivational and inspirational talks by four Brazilians who are succeeding in Ireland.

As a member of the European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, WorkFlow ICT is offering through one of its subsidiary brands, FREE training and workshops in Dublin City Centre.

"Success has no nationality. But winning in an international market has a special taste. With strategy, diligence and determination, anyone can do it." - Felipe Lodi (WorkFlow ICT's Founder.)


People attending the event learn what four Brazilians do to succeed in the multicultural and competitive Irish job market.

We set an online group for extended support, and we encourage attendees on their quest to get their dream job in Europe.


The event is intended for unemployed professionals, students, entrepreneurs, human resources specialists, actors, builders, travel agents, sales clerks, customer service workers, accountants, marketing enthusiasts and IT professionals.


--Opening By Felipe Lodi (Entrepreneur);
--First Act by Eveline Zerio (IT Recruiter and PR Manager, Recruitment Agency);
--Second Act by Leonardo Chang (Local Medical Provider Manager, Insurance Giant);
--Third Act by Tarsila Krüse (Children's Books Illustrator);
--Fourth Act by Ed Giansante (Entrepreneur);
--Closing Remarks By Felipe Lodi;


The event lasts two hours delivered on a single evening. We enrol a total capacity of 90 people, strictly.

--Aug 22nd, Tuesday - 18:00 to 20:00

Bank of Ireland Startup Space
1, Grand Canal Square
Dublin 2, Ireland

+353 (01) 254-WICT

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