Meet Sarah, our In-life Programme Manager for Contracting

Meet Sarah, our In-life Programme Manager for Contracting

Contracting services from an agency partner require a fast turnaround on open contingent roles. This requires an agency with flexibility, drive and solid network of contractors to call upon.

Our service extends to complex relationship management processes that demand a sensitive, informed, intelligent and trusted advisor to guide clients to successfully onboard contractors. We have a dedicated team of contract recruitment consultants headed up by our programme manager, Sarah Pope, who brings superb experience in contracting services from multinational environments to SME organisations in Ireland.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients and contractors have a dedicated point of contact for any concerns or issues including:

  • Contracts
  • Pay and negotiations 
  • Performance
  • Welfare & wellness 
  • Legal questions

Our approach maintains & builds relationships with: 

  • Weekly on-site visits for contractors. 
  • Additional visits to new contractors on-site, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. 
  • Flexibility and on-demand presence on-site at the request of hiring managers.
  • A single point of contact for all clients and contractors 
  • Peace of mind as our clients and contractors know that Sarah Pope can be contacted outside of the normal rhythm.

Performance Reviews: Bi-annual, detailed performance reviews are carried out with hiring managers and contractors. This adds value in many ways and motivates contractors to perform. It also allows hiring managers to identify problems early on and solve them.

Training Requirements: We can conduct surveys and audits to determine training requirements.

Organisational Consulting: our trained Organisational Psychologist can come onsite to review teams and conduct 360-degree feedback to improve performance and operations as well as culture and engagement.

Social Events: We run social events for our vendors which include our famous annual summer BBQ. This generates a strong sense of inclusion and teamwork.
We are recognised and proud of the Contractor Care model that we have developed and the relationships that we have built as a result. Our goal is to bridge any gaps between contract workers and their new organisation and to go above and beyond to ensure all parties are satisfied with the arrangements. 

Sarah PopeMeet our In-life Programme Manager Sarah Pope. Download Sarah's brochure here or email her directly here. Alternatively, you can call her directly at (01) 632 5045.



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