What we do

Our dedicated contractor division takes your contractors and temporary staff ("contingent staff") off your books and becomes their employer and payroll manager on your behalf. 

In doing so, we take on all of the associated pressures, risks and burdens of being an employer so that you can worry less and be certain regarding your businesses security, confidentiality and compliance issues.

Discover how Microsoft, eBay, PayPal, Channel Ops and Xilinx save costs, time and hassle with RECRUITERPay: 
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How we do it 

  1. Save you time: We eliminate the recurring tasks of payroll processing, management and Revenue compliance and reporting for your contingent staff. 

  2. Cut your costs: We eliminate your in-house spend on a payroll function for your contingent staff and act as your dedicated, cost-effective payroll department for your contingent staff. 

  3.  Ensure you're 100% compliant: "The paperwork" becomes our responsibility. We handle all aspects of tax, social welfare, pensions, GDPR compliance pillars and keep you informed of any budget changes, compliance with Revenue requirements.  

RECRUITERPay service levels

RECRUITERPay Premium Service:

Our premium service allows you to manage the selection process of contingent staff independently. We will step in to manage all aspects of the new hires on-boarding process and ongoing payroll requirements and administration.

RECRUITERPay Platinum Service:

Our platinum service extends beyond onboarding and payrolling your contingent staff. We become an embedded Human Resource department for your contingent staff by establishing a long-term working relationship with you and your contingent staff throughout the lifetime of their contract with you. 

In addition to onboarding and payroll administration, our Platinum services ensure the following:

  • Contractor performance: Our experience has shown that a complex relationship exists between contingent staff and your full-time line managers. Our quarterly performance reviews provide a platform for managers to set business/project objectives and motivates contingent staff to perform.
  • Contractor maintenance: Our weekly maintenance meeting with contingent staff gives us visibility to pending issues such as training needs, induction difficulties, communication constraints and performance expectations. Taking these proactive steps ensures a smooth relationship during the contract for services.   


Discover how Microsoft, eBay, PayPal, Channel Ops and Xilinx save costs, time and hassle with RECRUITERPay: 

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