Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Get the Balance Right

Different emotions

Recruitment Consultancy and sales can be an emotional rollercoaster sometimes.  Our attitude is that people need support, confidence and encouragement as much as metrics and targets to perform at their best.  There is a way to have a healthy blend from a company to maximise the performance of its people. RECRUITERs, as a business, want to grow in line with our company culture and values. 

They are:

Honesty: We communicate with complete honesty to our colleagues, candidates and clients.  We build trust through honest communication and will present feedback with transparency, respect and fairness.

Fun: The impact of the work we do is very serious but our workplace is a fun place to spend your working week.  We are a team that enjoy working together.  Because we let our fun side shine our candidates and clients enjoy interacting with us

Creativity: We are constantly refreshing our approach to recruitment and our service offerings to candidates and clients.  We have pioneered internal products such as 'RECRUITERSource', 'RECRUITERPay' and 'RECRUITERBuild'.  We reward creativity and challenge ourselves during our internal taskforce sessions. 

Drive: We are driven to succeed and to work to the best of our abilities.  We assume accountability and responsibility for our work by setting goals and achieving them.    

Open: We are a very transparent business. We are open about what we do and why we do it. Our internal teams, clients and candidates are informed and treated as trusted collaborators.  Our candidate and client information is treated carefully in line with data protection.

Our Values
Our Values

Openness, Honesty, Creativity, Drive, and Fun

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