We believe it’s important to play to people's strengths.                                                                                                 

Flexibility means:

1. We craft roles that suit you - Interested in getting experience in Marketing or Business development programmes? We can build this into your role. One of our consultants loves Learning & Development so we made him manager of this function which he assigns 1/3 of his time to. His targets are adjusted accordingly to allow him the space to build this function. If it makes sense and you want to do something for the business, then we want you to do it.

2. Collaboration - You own your vacancies only. We all share our candidates and client accounts.

3. Passion - We believe that consultants should recruit in areas they are passionate about and gravitate toward. Want to change your area? Sure, let's talk.

4. Build Your Desk - Are there expansion opportunities and you want to hire someone to help build your business and area of recruitment?  That’s doable. Want to manage them? That's doable too. 

5. Commission - Risk adverse when it comes to commission? Going for a mortgage and need a high basic salary? We tailor packages that suit you and that are fair.

6. Holidays - Want to go on a trip? Getting married and want a great honeymoon? New Parent? Take the time.  

7. Workability - Need to work from home tomorrow? Our systems are cloud-based and our VOIP phones are plug and play.

8. 4-day week? - Ok. Want to still get paid for 5 days? Sure, condense your hours.

9. Freedom - Need to duck out of the office to take care of stuff? Our attitude is geared toward results, not counting hours at your desk.

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Our Values
Our Values

Openness, Honesty, Creativity, Drive, and Fun

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