Social life

Social life

"FUN" is one of our five Company Values, and we have lots of it!  

RECRUITERS is a positive, upbeat and fun place to spend your working week. We are a team that enjoys working and hanging out together.

Our backgarden


RECRUITERS believe in a healthy work-life balance. Being in the recruitment industry, we've seen all the good and all the bad company cultures out there. Culture can never be forced but we've definitely done everything in our power to avoid the bad. RECRUITERS live by our values and promotes the well being and growth of our colleagues.

We are a family of RECRUITERS:

  • We work together
  • We party together
  • We holiday together 
  • We celebrate together
  • We laugh together 
  • We moan together - No family is perfect smile
  • We get through tough times together

Group at the races

The Social life

Meetups, events, lunches, summer BBQ's, seminars, after-work drinks and random parties are all part of what makes RECRUITERS a brilliant place to work. Our social club do a great job of organising our social calendar. A monthly budget is set aside to fund new and exciting ideas.     

This year alone we:

  • Hosted a client BBQ night
  • Hosted a BBQ for our contracting community
  • Had several lunches and BBQ's for the team in our back garden 
  • Hosted a street party with our neighbours on Leeson Street
  • Attended the races at Leopardstown
  • Went to a concert
  • Enjoyed a Christmas party, Halloween Party, A 4th of July party
  • Celebrated so many birthdays and work anniversaries
  • The list goes onnnnnnnnnnn 

Chilling on the bean bags

The RECRUITERS Club scene

We have everything but a nightclub:

  • A book club
  • A running club
  • A cooking club
  • Sports and social club
  • Netflix club and
  • Games club

Social life back garden

Thinking of you and what works for you 

When we were expanded into a nationwide Recruitment Consultancy, we were often asked why we choose Naas, Kildare to open our regional office. The answer is simple - it suited our team. For years, some of our team travelled from Kildare to our Dublin office every day. To make life easier for them, we choose to open up an office beside them. 

You can have your cake and eat it too!

Social life birthday cake

Corporate Social Responsibility

RECRUITERS also believe in giving back. Our employees are active in our respective towns and neighbourhoods, working to amplify the great qualities that already exist in our local communities. We volunteer regularly and are proud to help those in need. 

Check out our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy here.


Below are just a few more images of some of the fun social outings we've had this year: 

Our cooking club taking it to a new level:

Social life Group cooking class

We host and sponsor events all over Ireland throughout the year:

Social life meet ups and events

When it comes to fun, there is no seniority. We're all just friends having a good time together: 

Social life no limits

Social life Chilling in the park

Social life Group meal

Social life Group meal at Halloween


Social life Two women peace sign

Just don't judge us on our selfies...

Social life Group Halloween party photo

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Our Values
Our Values

Openness, Honesty, Creativity, Drive, and Fun

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