Super Systems and Tech

Super Systems and Tech

We're not only great at hosting parties and events, we're also a bunch of trained, tech-savvy, data-driven consultants.

RECRUITERS have invested heavily in technology and big data mining over the years to ensure that our approach to recruitment and our service offerings to candidates and clients stays creative and innovative. 

Since opening our doors in 2006: 

  • We have built a database of 95,000+ candidates, spanning across the EU with the majority, however, in the Irish market. 

  • Our database is organised on our CRM, Bullhorn. Here candidates are categorised in great detail to make the job of the consultant easier. Our clients are well segmented and coded for business and market development. We take our data seriously and use it well. 

  • Every consultant has a dual monitor set up at their desk which is linked to an IP phone system

  • We have a state of the art CMS which allows you to post content and gain leads. Our website attracts and delivers more CV’s than any of the major job boards we use.

  • We are process driven with documents to refer to for Business Development, the recruitment process, advertising and more. 

  • Our facilities, offices and interview rooms are first class 

  • We invest in Linkedin licenses, Jobs Boards, SEO, Digital Marketing, PR, and Researchers to find candidates.

  • We produce detailed reports to show you exactly where your results are coming from, so you can maximise your time and energy. 

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Our Values
Our Values

Openness, Honesty, Creativity, Drive, and Fun

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