Support Over Metrics

Support Over Metrics

If you reduce work to numerous measurable units, you take all the creativity and fun out of it. We believe in measuring outcomes instead of activities. Sure, we give guidance on best practice and can examine metrics in depth, to find solutions to problems. But each individual is different, and we want you to win. 

Working for RECRUITERS means you have support from our:

Office Manager – facilities and events

Marketing Department – Social Media, Advertising, Content and more. The marketing department generates leads for you to close. 

Market Development – Our Directors is totally focused on acquiring new clients for you to work on

Research Team – Diggers. This team works hard to re-activate candidates and deliver them to you – like a really intelligent jobs board!

Learning & Development -  we measure how you like to learn and what skills you want to develop and fashion a plan with you. Want to do a course? No problem

Leadership – Regular one to ones and structured quarterly reviews to set objectives and commitments – designed to maximise your performance. You are in control, we coach and give guidance

Your Team – we work in line with our values of:

  • Openness 
  • Honesty 
  • Creativity 
  • Drive 
  • Fun

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Our Values
Our Values

Openness, Honesty, Creativity, Drive, and Fun

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