Are you planning to scale your business with talent in various positions and levels over the coming months? Is your company too small to justify having a dedicated talent acquisition team? RECRUITERSource enables you to overcome the obstacles of scaling and/or localising a team in Ireland.  

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Recently awarded "All-Star Managed Services Recruitment Product of the Year" at the All-Star Business Awards, RECRUITERSource defines an exclusive partnership between our Clients and RECRUITERS. As a trusted extension of your management team, we remove the burdens associated with sourcing and attracting talent for your planned vacancies and thus enable you to stay focused on growing your business. 

RECRUITERSource lets you hire at volume fast with unparalleled success:

  • Trusted experts only: All of our consultants are seasoned experts who ramp up quickly, readily contribute as core team members, and work with you to minimise your costs and onboarding time. 
  • Zero risk: we take all of the costs associated with promoting, sourcing, interviewing and screening talent. You only pay when you're completely satisfied. No hidden fees or extra costs. Ever. If you're not satisfied with a placed candidate, we replace the candidate for free!
  • Seamless hiring: We handle all aspects of your recruitment. In doing so, we remove all the administration and overhead burdens while you stay focused on building a great business. 
  • Flexible engagements: Choose a talent type that suits your business goals and objectives - permanent, temporary or contracting. Our 90,000+ talent database and 60,000+ social reach is unrivalled. 
  • Scale as needed: Slash your time-to-hire and scale your team up or down as needed. Your dedicated point-of-content and team of recruitment professionals will be on-hand to advise and consult you on all related recruitment and performance management concerns.
  • World class support: You will be assigned a dedicated Senior Recruitment Consultant with at least 6+ years industry experience and a Senior Account Director as your single points-of-contact. 

Your dedicated partner on your growth journey: 

Our RECRUITERSource clients value the partnership that is formed as your company scales. We're not successful unless you succeed. As your exclusive recruitment partner: 

  • You won't need to explain your company mission, goals, culture and specific requirements to multiple agencies. 
  • You won't need to invoice multiple recruitment agencies for work carried out.
  • You will have a dedicated team of recruitment professionals who will understand you and your business. 
  • You will have full control over how your employer brand is promoted and maintained in the jobs market.
  • You will slash your time-to-hire and admin costs as we will coordinate the entire recruitment process on your behalf against measured KPI's and agreed SLA's from the outset. 
  • You will enhance your control over your hiring budget as your team will advise and consult with you on compensation and benefits against industry benchmarks.

Your Employer Brand

Whether you're a small company going through significant growth, a large company with no brand in Ireland, or an established company in Ireland, your employer brand and Employer Value Proposition are vital to your recruitment success. RECRUITERS are experts at Employer Branding. As RECRUITERSource clients: 

  • You won't need to spend thousands on building your Employer Brand - we do it for you at no added costs.
  • We ensure your Employer Brand is best-positioned on-front of active and passive job seekers by actively running targeted promotional campaigns to our 90,000+ talent database and 60,000+ social media following. 
  • Our marketing team will visit your premises to produce, edit and promote your very own employer branding video to showcase the non-monetary benefits of working at your business. We interview your existing team and ask pertinent questions that matter to candidates in today's market. Trust us, when candidates watch the video, they will want to work with you!    
  • We define your message in correlation with your company's story. With this message, story, video and images, we design and produce your company's very own microsite on our website with links to all of your open roles. We host your microsite at the top of our homepage thereby ensuring that your business is immediately visible by our thousands of job seeking visitors every day.  
  • In addition, your roles will be included in our newsletter, email marketing campaigns and daily social postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, with a combined reach of 60,000+ active and passive job seekers in Ireland. 
  • In addition, you won't incur any advertising costs associated with promoting your open roles on social media and jobs boards. We absorb all of the advertising costs as part of the partnership. 

Your dedicated team of Recruitment Professionals on-hand: 

Our nationwide team of seasoned consultants are experts in their relevant recruitment fields and on average have 6+ years' industry experience. Each has an unrivalled network of mid-to-senior level professionals in:

  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Accounting & Finance 
  • Technology 
  • HR & Talent Acquisition

We don't hire graduates. All of our consultants have proven they can perform before joining the RECRUITERS team and have passed our rigorous 3-month training programme.

RECRUITERS commits to meeting all candidates and conducting in-house interviews prior to submitting them for client consideration. We strive to attain a full understanding of each candidate's skill-set and potential for success at your company. In doing so, we also develop a meaningful relationship with our candidates.

In fact, we are the highest rated agency on google reviews in Ireland

How our relationship with you evolves:

We recently asked an existing client of ours what they value most about our service. Miagen CEO, Teddy Murphy replied: 

"The longevity of your team is a testament to our success. I have been dealing with the same account manager for 4 years, she knows our business better than some of my own staff. I can rely on her and trust her to find the talent I need, without having to explain myself multiple times over".

Our consultants love what they do. We have fantastic clients whom we all enjoy working with. We know that we do not succeed unless our clients succeed and this is very much ingrained in our company culture. 

Competitive pricing to suit you:

Not only are our rates the most competitive in Ireland, our RECRUITERSource Clients enjoy custom pricing models based on their circumstances and requirements. Say goodbye to expensive recruiting agencies and unreliable job boards. Our flexible pricing options are designed entirely to fit your needs without breaking the bank. We're not successful if our clients don't succeed. 

GDPR Protection:

As one of the industries leaders in Data Compliance, we are dedicated to the protection of your personal data and the personal data of those candidates that we interact with as your exclusive recruitment partner. Having invested heavily in legal, training and technology, RECRUITERS stands as one of the most GDPR compliant agencies in Ireland thus ensuring our client's protection also. 

There are numerous compliance risks associated with recruitment. As a RECRUITERSource client, you will be completely removed from these legal, administrative and financial burdens.  

Value-added services at no additional cost:

In addition to dedicated support, recruitment and performance consultation and employer branding marketing, we will perform: 

  • Rigorous candidate reference checking.
  • Compensation and benefit consulting to ensure you never over-spend and never lose good talent.
  • Offer & negotiation with candidates on your behalf.
  • Candidate and client follow-up to ensure new hires are onboarded and retained.

Our Company Values:

Our approach to client partnerships is, and always will be, in-line with our company values. We find that many of our RECRUITERSource clients' values are in-line with ours. In fact, our mission is to grow in-line with our values:

  • Honesty: We communicate with complete honesty to our clients and build trust through honest communication. 
  • Openness: We are a very transparent firm. We are open about what we do and how we do it. 
  • Drive: We are driven by our client's success and will work to the best of our abilities to see our clients grow. 
  • Creativity: We constantly refresh our approach to recruitment and invest heavily in technology and new channels. 
  • Fun: We are a team that enjoys working with each other and our clients. Because of this, our clients enjoy interacting with us.

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For more information on how we can fulfil your recruitment goals, call our Client Services Director, Brian McFadden on (+353) 1 632 5021 or email him directly here


Why Choose Us?

"We used RECRUITERSource to build our new EMEA team in Ireland. They quickly understood our requirements and took the hassle out of finding us a superb shortlist of candidates from which we made all of our hires. We saved time & costs and would recommend."

Kimberly Whiteman Head of Talent, SentryOne

"We choose RECRUITERS over other players in the industry to build our teams using their RECRUITERSource managed services offering. We wanted a partner to not only find great talent but to challenge our recruitment strategy & be part of our management team"

Jim Ryan Operations Director, The AA

"RECRUITERS' level of commitment to the Allegis Programme in supplying contractor’s onsite to Microsoft is extremely high. This, coupled with their dedication to the process, has seen them become our top performers."

Colin McDonagh Director of Operations, Allegis Goup - Microsoft

"I didn't believe the talent we needed existed in Ireland. I couldn't believe how well RECRUITERS understood the quality & cultural fit we needed at Corvil. They happily proved me wrong on all accounts. RECRUITERS is a critically important partner to us."

Donal Byrne CEO, Corvil

"Xilinx use RECRUITERS for our permanent & temporary recruitment requirements. At all times, RECRUITERS have been extremely professional, have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the needs. We would have no hesitation in highly recommending them."

Eveyline Clarke HR Operations Supervisor, Xilinx

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