First impressions of working at RECRUITERS

First impressions of working at RECRUITERS

RECRUITERS is not just a great Recruitment Consultancy – it’s also a brilliant place to work. I recently joined RECRUITERS as Marketing Manager, and last week took the time to think about some of the great things about working here.

I really appreciate the opportunity to share this with a wider audience, and hope you’ll get some insight into what it’s like working at RECRUITERS.

I’ve been working for RECRUITERS for nearly three months now, so for no particular reason here’s a list of things that have stood out. I really enjoy working here.

1. It’s really nice being treated well. The great new office and location on Leeson St. Lower, fantastic facilities, awesome technology and marketing tools at my fingertips are miles better than many places I’ve worked before. I know that similar benefits are not uncommon in many good companies, but it’s still a source of daily delight. The personal touches upon joining like the welcome pack (promise I won’t lose this, John!), being invited to lunch daily, wine-down Friday’s were all a breath of fresh air. I immediately felt part of a family.

2. Open and casual access to great leadership is a privilege. The one-to-one welcome chats with Ger and Brian was an excellent way to learn about the history, mission, values and direction of RECRUITERS, as well as the details of the service. The daily stand-ups with Business Development and weekly task-force meetings are also really well done and a great source of information form all senior management about what’s going on across the company.

3. You get addicted to trying new things. Some days I felt I was just going through the marketing motions – in previous roles. "Stick to what has worked for other companies" is the general mantra in companies that don't appreciate marketing spend. Doing new things is encouraged and rewarded here at RECRUITERS. Drive and Creativity are two of the company’s values and they have them in abundance. I have brought the craziest ideas to the table, including incorporating Virtual Reality into our service offering. It’s great to work in a company that is open to change and disruption at all levels.

4. There’s so much to do. The vision for the company and its impact on job seekers and businesses is inspiring. We’re constantly improving our service and there are clear feedback loops with clients and job seekers in place to do so. And of course, to support the growth of the customer base and activities, we need to continually improve the customer journey and experience. This has been a fun project, to begin with!

5. The weekly cadence is great craic. There’s a good buzz on Fridays, great banter in the WatsApp groups - both the "official" and "inappropriate" ones! Training is fun and the monthly comms meetings are genuinely exciting and a great way to finish the month on good notes.

6. You lot are awesome. It’s been interesting being the only Marketer in a building full of consultants – I still have a huge amount to learn about the service, our technology and culture of RECRUITERS, but it’s been very easy so far thanks to my extremely patient, kind and warm-hearted co-workers.

7. I’ve never been so fit. The daily “Stairmaster” that is our office has really got my beach-bod ready for the spring/summer season and has also meant that I can skip leg-day in the gym without feeling guilty about it. It’s absolutely hilarious having a meeting on the top floor of our five-story Georgian Building and 15 minutes needed before a meeting to catch your breath and apologise for the inability to speak!

8. It’s amazing to feel trusted and valued. I have a passion for what I do and I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to do it here at RECRUITERS. Being a one-man team isn’t easy but having the patience, support and trust of my colleagues have been great.

9. I’m now addicted to Starbucks. I hate to admit it, but I actually love Starbucks now…well, the one next to our office anyway. It’s so accessible (as I sit here writing this article), warm & comfortable and I have such a laugh with all the staff there. Shout out to Anneka and the gang!! Thanks for saving me from the many embarrassing moments of forgetting my wallet. I can’t wait to host some of our future events with you guys!

10. The internal social committee. I never knew I had a talent for Gin Tasting until now. You guys are really bringing skills out in me that I never knew I had…but I guess that’s what makes you all the best Recruitment Consultants in Ireland. You bring out the best in people!

Thanks all and here’s to many future years together!

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 Andrew Sheehan

 Marketing Manager