Jobs in Co. Louth continue to rise

Jobs in Co. Louth continue to rise

With a significant growth of in jobs across Ireland, nearly 20,000 jobs in the first three months of 2017, it’s never been a better time to be part of RECRUITERS and the RecruiterNation team in particular.

Job satisfaction has always been an important aspect in my chosen career and with more opportunities to match great talent with great companies this year, I couldn’t be happier! 

Looking briefly back to 2017

Enterprise Ireland invested heavily in their growth strategy which resulted in the creation of 19,000 jobs - two thirds of which were outside of Dublin. Since then, I have seen rapid growth in the Construction, Engineering, Lifesciences, Digital Technology, Electronics, Food and ICT sectors nationwide.

Looking at Louth

Taking Louth as a good example Live register figures for the end of 2017 also indicated the number of people on the dole queue in Dundalk had fallen to 4,101. This was down 14.5% on the number of claimants at the end of 2016.  In 2017 alone, job creation rose by 5% according to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Innovation

Dundalk has led this charge with 1,000 jobs since 2017. In fact, Dundalk was chosen as the European headquarters by leading multinationals Graebel and UK pharmaceutical firm Wasdell with 125 and 300 jobs respectively. Looking ahead, both companies have hinted that they expect to take on a further 500 regional based jobs over the coming years.

Looking ahead

National Pen recently announced an additional 250 jobs for its Dundalk facility and YapStone, an online payment service provider, has announced a plan to create 200 new tech jobs with a €41 million investment in Co Louth! In addition, other announcements from Almac, Nova Leah, Multihog and Diaeutics indicating an additional 250 jobs between them further secure the growth.

This is not just an economic boosst, but also a boost in my job satisfaction prospects. Working directly with Louth’s incredible talent pool and sourcing the right job for the right person is my contribution to what is already the best county in Ireland!  


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