Nicole O’Brien on why I joined RECRUITERS

Nicole O’Brien on why I joined RECRUITERS

I joined recruiters 11 months ago, and as I’m coming up to my 1 year anniversary I wanted to take some time to reflect on what a year it has been and why I joined RECRUITERS.

Values are truly important to me in my personal life and the values that are the core of RECRUITERS, and how they live their values in everything they do, was something that stood out for me. The more I met with the team and researched the company, I could see it was a great fit for me and was so excited when I got the opportunity to join! 

Values are the heart of RECRUITERS...


The team is always supportive and helpful and the directors constantly coach us in our day-to-day roles by giving us amazing advice from there 25 years in the industry. Openness is a core value and because of this, we have a great culture where asking questions and sharing best practice is encouraged.


This is through all aspects of my role; Are you honest about your workload? Capacity? Do you need help? By having a forum where you can talk to peers and leaders in an honest way, you get the support you need to succeed. Honesty is also key in every conversation we have, talking to candidates and clients we are always honest, we give them as much information as possible with adding extra fluff!


If you have a great idea, it’s embraced. If it makes sense and aligns with the business then go for it! I try to be creative in my approach to all aspects of my role, whether it’s how we find the perfect candidate for a role, the perfect role for a candidate or in our social media posts and ad writing.


This has a different meaning for everyone but let’s stick with ‘enjoyment’ if we are going to define it. The team spirit is a stand-out for me, there is always enjoyment in every conversation, every lunch-time, every social event, and on EVERY themed night. Since I’ve been here I’ve cooked pancakes for pancake Tuesday, learned how to make an amazing Gin cocktail, dressed up as a very convincing zombie cowboy at Halloween and regularly enjoy a well-deserved glass of red in our local after work on a Friday. 


You can’t be a recruitment consultant without being driven! I love a target and I love to be able to achieve my targets. At RECRUITERS you get the support you need and rewarded for achieving those targets, we have an Achievers club and you WANT to be in it.  I’m not just driven to achieve for my benefit though, I want my team to achieve their target and I want to achieve my targets for our leaders. I’m driven by all that RECRUITERS have achieved over the last year and what I know they will achieve over the coming years.


Just by truly living the values there is an awesome culture and superb client and candidate relationships. The question isn’t why I chose RECRUITERS its why would you not choose RECRUITERS?! I have loved the last 11 months and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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