RECRUITERS and FM104 announce ‘Job Finder’ partnership

RECRUITERS and FM104 announce ‘Job Finder’ partnership

RECRUITERS and FM104 announce a partnership to enhance how jobs are brought to people across Dublin. The companies will collaborate to deliver live jobs announcements from business across Dublin, online and on the radio twice a day, five days a week. 

Known for their music, entertainment and now job announcements, Dublin's most listened to radio station, RECRUITERS sought to enhance their listener's experience by providing them with a simple means to search more live jobs across the nation that their radio and website simply didn't have the time or space to include. 

The jobs announced on FM104 are not all managed by RECRUITERS, we simply wanted to enhance how all jobs across Dublin are delivered and announced to Dubliners. Speaking on the partnership, Gerard Doyle, MD of RECRUITERS says:

"It's not about promoting the jobs that we manage on behalf of our clients. It's about promoting all jobs, from all businesses, in all industries for the good of everyone. In doing so, we believe all businesses would stand to benefit and listeners receive unbiased job announcements that they want to hear and not what we want them to hear."


About FM104:

FM104 is an independent local radio station broadcast across Dublin, Ireland. They are the number 1 Dublin music station with 193k daily listeners. FM104's 'Job Finder' is aired twice a day on the 10-3 show with Andy Preston, Monday to Friday, at 10:40 am and 1:40 pm. This Service lists jobs that are available for Dubliners seeking employment and is a free service.


Established in 2006, RECRUITERS' mission is to help people across Ireland find their dream job in:

Our mission is to grow in line with our company values: Honesty, Openness, Drive, Fun and Creativity.     

Let your next dream job find you! Simply register your rockstar CV with us and/or create Job Alerts tailored to your specific career preferences. Sit back, and let us do the hard work on your behalf.

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