RECRUITERS introduce “Project Revive”

RECRUITERS introduce “Project Revive”

Last week, RECRUITERS introduced “Project Revive”, a HR initiative aimed at rewarding staff loyalty and improving overall work/life balance.

Project Revive is an opportunity for all staff that have worked for the company for five years to avail of two months paid leave to travel the world or just relax and revive with family and friends. 

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Research by Indeed shows that, on average, the majority of people leave their existing jobs for new opportunities after 5 years of service. When we dug a little further into this issue, we found that the majority of people left, not because they dislike the work or the people they work with, but because they were sick and tired of the same routine day after day for the past five years:

  • The same mode of transport in & out of the office
  • The same coffee shop
  • The same strange faces on their commute  
  • The same sandwich 

Have you ever left a job for a new one, only to find after 2 months that you miss the old one? Don't worry, you're not alone. It turns out, the manager and the job you left wasn't too bad after all. You just needed time to revive, break your old routines and take an extended time off to travel, relax or chill with family and friends.

That's exactly what "Project Revive" aims to do for RECRUITERS employees, with no strings attached. All you need to do is provide your line manager with six months notice in advance of your extended break and don't forget to put your "out of office on". 

If you would like the opportunity to work us and take advantage of Project Revive, check out what other great initiatives we have for staff and open roles on our join us page.

Bon Voyage!  

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