RECRUITERS Review Podcast with Jenny Darmody

RECRUITERS Review Podcast with Jenny Darmody

As we all know, Christmas and year-end’s can be a stressful time both personally and professionally. The latest findings by the Economic and Social Research Institute showed that in a five-year period between 2010 and 2015, the percentage of the workforce experiencing stress had more than doubled in Ireland.

These findings will come as no surprise to many of you, not only because you are most likely experiencing that increased stress yourself, but because our guest has been talking about this steady climb towards critical stress levels for some time.

So this week on RECRUITERS Review, we handed the mic over to one of Ireland’s leading Editors, Jenny Darmody.

Jenny is the Careers Editor at Silicon Republic and constantly writes about changes in the workplace and what the future of work means.

If you haven’t already guessed it, Jenny is also extremely passionate about mental wellbeing and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, even as the lines between work and life continue to blur.

You can tune in or listen to our chat with Jenny on our SoundCloud and iTunes stations.

In this chat with Jenny, we discuss:

  1. When the culture of “overwork” crept into the Irish working culture?
  2. What an employer’s duty of care in relation to staff burnout is and how is this tied back to Company culture.
  3. What some of the early symptoms of burnout are and how employers can proactively detect staff burnout before it becomes toxic.
  4. How can employees tell the difference between over-work and simply not being able to handle the work.
  5. What some of the tangible and intangible costs of employee burnout is to businesses.
  6. The steps Management should take when an employee reaches out for help.
  7. What programmes can managers put in place to assist employees.
  8. We also take a stab at Jeff Bezo’s opinion on work-life “Harmony” as he puts it and our issues with his opinion.  

And as always, we'll ask Jenny a round of quick fire questions that we want answers to!!

  • Favourite underused wellness tactic at the office?
  • Who do you think we can learn most from in terms of avoiding burnout?
  • One thing do every day to enhance your energy levels;
  • One book that has inspired you and why?
  • Top tip for a person interviewing at your business?

If you like what you hear and you want to hear more, you can tune in or download further episodes of RECRUITERS Review on our Soundcloud & iTunes stations. 

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