Podcast | RECRUITERS Review with Jamie White on Events

Podcast | RECRUITERS Review with Jamie White on Events

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take an episode of our podcast and use it to share some behind the scenes insights into a common grey area in the marketing mix – Events. We handed the mic over to one of Ireland’s leaders in this space, Jamie White.

In this podcast, Jamie takes us behind the scenes and explains why he's invested so heavily in events as part of his marketing mix, how he measures their success, and the principles at play to get a head start with your future events.

Jamie has been running events in some shape or form for the last 13 years.

Jamie has also built up and sold numerous businesses using events as a simple and effective way to grow & scale each of them.

In addition to Jamie being an award-winning entrepreneur -  He also founded “The Start Summit” – an annual business conference in Dublin - in addition to the much anticipated annual conference “Fresh Resolutions” hosted every January.

He now works with brands worldwide on their social media marketing through his business “Leading Social”, hosts numerous events and shares his business journey through consulting, public speaking and social media.

In our podcast with Jamie, you'll get answers to such questions as:

  1. Why do events? What does it provide a company that a bit of advertising doesn’t?
  2. What were some of the goals you should set out to achieve with your events now or in the future?
  3. What should event collaboration really look like?
  4. What are some of the key things for planning an event and to go about getting the support that you need internally to do run events as part of your marketing mix? 
  5. How should a marketer or anyone running an event keep the momentum going and follow up with guests after an event? 
  6. And many more!

If you like what you hear and you want to hear more of our 'RECRUITERS Review' podcast, you can tune in or download further episodes on our Soundcloud or iTunes stations. 

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