“Recruitment consultants are only motivated by Money.” Really?

“Recruitment consultants are only motivated by Money.” Really?

"Recruitment consultants are only motivated by Money." Really?  Many recruitment consultants and potential recruiter candidates say they are really motivated by money because "it’s OK to say it in a recruitment agency - just not OK to say it in other interviews." So it seems that it's an industry standard that all recruitment consultants are deeply motivated by the cash the industry can offer. And there is a lot of cash, no denying it. But is that assertion really true?? Is money what gets everyone in the industry out of bed in the morning? And a bigger question again is if money in itself a real motivator? 

In Dan Pinks interesting talk on TED http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_motivation?language=en he makes the point that studies would show that money has the opposite effect on people. People need and want money but when engaging in an activity solely for the purpose of money and rewards – it can have an effect you wouldn’t think. Like, do you really imagine running to work every week to work for a company that says to you all they want to do is make cash and that's all that matters to them. Can you see some of the iconic brand names growing out there now saying this to their market and their employees? 

Yes, the purpose of a business IS to generate profit. But that's the result, the "What Happens" piece after you do business. It's the How and the Why we go about making money that makes a company culture and their value system thereby deciding if it is motivating to work there or not. 

So when people say they are motivated by money - is it really the truth? Or are RECRUITERS motivated by 

  • Delivering to clients and candidates and getting recognition for it 
  • The thrill of making the deal (which we all know is hard to do)
  • Progression - the freedom and lack of constraints in the recruitment industry means lots of runway to build your book of business and expertise to new heights and then expand it further by becoming a team lead / manager / director and more 
  •  Development of great skills (communication, business acumen and commercial knowledge of how business works, advertising and social media skills etc.)
  • Succeeding in a demanding role and in a fast paced environment. 
  • Working with a candidate who is genuinely excited about getting the role you have with your client
  • Being conscientious about their work and hitting goals  
  • Working as part of a great team and enjoying the work environment and relationships internally 
  • Seeing the company you are working for grow and succeed as a result of your efforts and team work

These are the things that make a role and company exciting. After all - if you were offered a lot of cash to go to work and screw caps onto bottles everyday - would that float your boat? 

So what motivates you? Go on, I know you want to say it. Money! 



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Brian McFadden

Brian Mc Fadden is a Director with 20 years experience in recruitment. He recruits in IT and also for senior positions at CEO and Director level. Get in touch at brian.mcfadden@recruiters.ie