The Rise of Java Development

The Rise of Java Development

Java needs to evolve and grow and coexist with other languages as we continue to live in a world of IoT and Machine Learning.

A recent article published by the Tech Republic reports that while Java is still one of the most popular coding languages for developers there seems to be a bit of a dip with a decrease of over 6,000 jobs in the US. Java needs to evolve and grow and coexist with other languages as we continue to live in a world of IoT and Machine Learning.

In saying that, the article continues by saying that the beauty of Java is that it has a base everywhere, making it a natural pathway for Machine Learning. Combining that with its valuable cross-platform functionality, Java is still very much in demand and remains one of the most in demand and well-established languages. 

Interestingly another article published by ADTMag stated that in the last 5 years there has been an upsurge of languages that “have made their way onto the Java Virtual Machine” and while Java is wavering in popularity in some cases, this doesn’t seem to have affected the UK and Ireland. Although we still see the rise of languages like Kotlin and Swift, Java is experiencing a surge here in Ireland.

The Developer Ecosystem: 2018 Predictions / UK and Ireland Q4” is a report published by Stack Overflow. It details how the demand for Java programming skills during the second half of 2017 jumped by 8% and was the skill which has grown most rapidly in popularity in the second half of the year.

In comparison with other languages, JavaScript ranked first in the report with 24% of total jobs tagged with Java accounting for 22%. Python has also seen a growth at 15% owing in part to the rise in demand for AI and Machine Learning skills. Last, but certainly not least, we have C# at 12% and ReactJS at 10%.

You can download a free copy of the Stack Overflow ecosystem reports here but what’s interesting is that in this fourth publication, Developer population has increased by 2% across the UK and Ireland with 1/10th of Dublin's labour workforce are software developers 

With the recent uptick in Java, it might come as no surprise that the demand for Java Developers is on the rise. With jobs in Limerick, Louth, Athlone and Dublin now are a testament to the idea that Java is a key language for any developer to learn.

Is this something you’re noticing yourself? – if so I’d love to hear from you and gain some further insight. You can reach out to me on or add me on Github

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