Upcoming event - “Freelancing: A Talent Revolution”

Upcoming event - “Freelancing: A Talent Revolution”

Freelancing: A Talent Revolution

Millennials are the first generation to navigate the new world of work. There are no rules and that is both scary and exciting at the same time. This event jointly hosted by ourselves at RECRUITERS & WorkJuggle will be a panel discussion where people interested in freelancing can get answers to questions like these;

  • What could you achieve if you were to design your working day from scratch?
  • How do people motivate themselves with no deadlines?
  • How do you manage work-life balance and avoid being always “on”
  • Where to start when creating an online social presence- what to do and what NOT to do

The panel will comprise of:

Jenny Darmody: Jenny is the Careers Editor of Silicon Republic. She constantly writes about changes in the workplace and what the future of work means. She’s also extremely passionate about mental wellbeing and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, even as the lines between work and life continue to blur.

Louise Cooney:  Louise is no stranger to the world of freelancing having built her personal brand and blog from the ground up. Having worked in permanent positions all her life, Louise decided in 2017 that she wanted to be her own boss and took up a full-time career in Freelancing. Having worked with the world’s largest fashion and lifestyle brands, Louise will be sharing the many unknown hurdles that she came across in her freelancing journey and the many lessons she has learnt along the way to becoming Ireland's leading Fashion and Lifestyle icons..

Jamie White: Jamie White is an award-winning entrepreneur, winning Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur in Dublin in both 2014 and 2015. Jamie now works with brands and Freelancers worldwide on their social media marketing through his business "LeadingSocial", hosts numerous events, including "The Start Summit" and shares his freelancing journey/lessons on building your own personal brand through networking, public speaking and social media.

Ciana Moulton: Ciana is GirlCrew’s resident Digital Marketing Expert and works freelance with a number of clients who are focused on enriching the lives of women such as Moment Heath and WorkJuggle. She's committed to helping women grow their networks and empowering them to reach their potential through her 'Badass Business Women Drinking Gin' events which are organised through the GirlCrew app.

Hosting the panel will be Ciara Garvan from WorkJuggle.com and Sarah Pope, Contracting Director from RECRUITERS.

Food and drink will also be provided to all those that register their place. This is a completely free event but spaces are limited.

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Speaking about the event Gerard Doyle from RECRUITERS said:

“We wanted to provide an informal platform where answers to the knowns and unknowns of freelancing can be exposed and also provide an opportunity for like-minded people to come together and share their thoughts & experiences”. 

Ciara Garvan from WorkJuggle.com said;

“We really wanted to create a space for people who are curious about freelancing and can learn from others.”

Event Details:

Event Name; Freelancing: A Talent Revolution

When: Wednesday the 10th of October from 5.30-8.30 PM.

Where: Dogpatch Labs, CHQ, IFSC, Dublin 1

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