Why be like all of the other recruitment agencies in Dublin?

Why be like all of the other recruitment agencies in Dublin?

Unlike other Recruitment Agencies in Dublin, RECRUITERS has a very simple visionary statement. That is, we believe in a world where everyone feels inspired in work, secure when they're there and leaves fulfilled everyday.

It all comes back to the impact we, as recruitment consultants, have on finding people careers with employers that they are truly happy with. That’s why we made it our New Year's Resolution to partner with more businesses whose values are aligned with ours - Honesty, Openness, Drive, Creativity and Fun.

So, to kick things off in 2019, we went out to meet like-minded people at events that inspire happiness and wellbeing. If we wanted to be like all of the other recruitment agencies in Dublin, we'd exhibit at boring job fairs at the RDS.   

On that note, we were so proud to kick the year off with Fresh Resolutions - an exceptional Irish event that offers something different for attendees. Fresh Resolutions is a coming together of some of Ireland’s leaders in health and wellbeing to support attendees in their pursuit of a better year ahead.

As exclusive recruitment partners, we couldn't wait to meet all the goal orientated and professionally driven attendees looking to make 2019, their year.

New year, New job, New me!

Overall, it was a fantastic day and event. It was an event that I really wanted the RECRUITERS brand to be a part of. It made total sense for us to be there. So many people had questions and queries about their 2019 career opportunities and expectations, and we were only too happy to help!

It was great to be somewhere other recruitment agencies in Dublin were not. I’ve never been a massive fan of Job Fairs. They can be overwhelming, intimidating and you often leave with more questions then answers. 

All of the attendees at Fresh Resolutions respected our time and advice and we respected their time, their real concerns in relation to their careers, skills, economic and professional outlook, wages, promotion opportunities in 2019 and more.

Everyone was clearly delighted to be at the event. And why wouldn't they? There was a real buzz and the entire day was packed full of inspirational speakers, amazing food and positive vibes throughout the day - coffee wasn’t needed for this event but it was there in abundance!

It wasn't cheap for us to be there though. One of the business goals for us was to educate attendees on the effectiveness and simplicity of signing up for Job Alerts on our website. We all had iPads on the day so we could sign job seekers up in 30 seconds which now allows them to sit-back and wait for specific jobs to be delivered into their inbox every Monday. We call it,

Letting Your Next Job Find You!

That said, we got some great business leads from some of the other exhibitors at the event such as Ask Paul and Clear Designs, which was definately an added bonus on the day! We really look forward to working with those guys and scaling their marketing and technology teams throughout 2019.

Because we were exhibiting, we also got loads of free tickets which we shared with family, friends and clients. Tickets cost €99 so they were very welcomed by all! So many of our clients turned up on the day so it was a really great opportunity to wish them all a happy new year in person and to also meet their loved ones for the first time.

All of the support from the Fresh Resolutions team was fantastic. A massive shout out and thank you to Aviva and Eimear for all their assistance! Eimear was constantly making sure we were ok for everything and I really appreciated her going the extra mile to get us on the Fresh Resolutions insta channel & video. Great team all round. They couldn’t have been more helpful throughout the day.

An event packed with truly inspiring people, speakers and exhibitors and a great way to kickstart 2019.

Here's to a great year!

Fresh Resolutions group photo

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