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"An excellent job at efficiently finding me a new position. Very welcoming when I had any questions relating to the job market and helping me prepare for interviews. I would recommend anyone in the area of Sales and Marketing to get in touch."

Cillian McEvoy Inside Sales Executive

"Excellent service, far surpassing the standard in the IT recruitment industry. Worked hard throughout my recruitment process to establish a relationship that benefited both myself and my current employer, always keeping me up to date."

Daniel Mc Inerney Technical Support Engineer

"I have been working with RECRUITERS for the past 18 months and the team there, are in my mind, some of the best in the business. It's their attention to detail that makes me want to work with this team again and again."

Conor Byrne Marketing Communications Manager

"All the other recruiters just hung up the phone when I told them that I didn't have permission to work in Ireland and would require the company to sponsor my visa. It wasn't just about getting me employed, it was about finding me a good company."

Diego Blattner Systems Analyst