Download CV Templates

Download CV Templates

Do you need to change your CV? We can help! 

It's important to keep your CV fresh and updated. It is also vital to make sure you portray your best self to potential employers.

Below are some different templates for your new CV. Pick the design and layout you like the best and add in your information! Simply click to download!

*A good tip when applying for any job is to make sure your CV document is named and saved as Firstname_Lastname.wrd/pdf. This makes it easier for the recruiters or hiring manager to organise applicants and get you off to the right start!

Sample Template 1

A simple design which clearly clarifies your past positions responsibilities and projects. A skills grid portrays the depth of knowledge and ability you have in your industry. This is ideal for an IT professional who wants to show their ability across many different languages and their relationship to one another. 

Sample Template 2

A more modern simplistic design with a playful side. Your summary and past experience is clearly differentiated and laid out. The interest section allows you to show your personal side more by adding some imagery. This design is ideal for a markerting or creative professional.  

Sample Template 3

A variation of version two. This design is clear and concise. It is a layout that can be effective and used across all industries. 

Sample Template 4

A slightly more rigid design. This layout may be suitable for sales position as it lays out and advertises your progression well. 

Sample Template 5

This short design is ideal for someone with less experience or if you have just graduated. Give preference to your personal summary and what skills and interest you developed through your studies. 

Sample Template 6

No fancy stuff here. You are clear, organised and you mean business. 

Sample Template 7

Similar to Template 1. Ideal for an IT professional who wants to tell the story of how their career has developed, but also highlight their ability levels across many skills sets or languages. Clear progression and achievements are laid out, followed by a handy skill set box which allows you to compare your level of ability of Java to C++ etc.

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