Jennifer Ward | Why I Joined RECRUITERS

Jennifer Ward | Why I Joined RECRUITERS

I recently joined RECRUITERS as Sales Recruitment Consultant and I haven’t looked back since. Now, taking a look at where I am I can confirm it was one of the top 5 decisions of my life to date and in my career!

If you’re a friend of mine, you’ll be sick of hearing me brag about where I work and I can already tell that my friends have probably stopped reading this article, right about…now. If not, let’s keep reading and reaffirm what I’m saying about working at RECRUITERS every day!


Honestly, the Directors and Managers are amazing! They are considerate, sincere and grounded! You can talk to them about anything and they’re always there with an open ear. They're also really inspiring to watch at work and see how they operate. When talking to some of the biggest brands in the business, it’s like they're talking to a friend - which makes sense given that one of our core values is Openness. My peers are inspiring leaders, not boss’!


Every week each of the Consultants has 1-2-1 meetings with Senior Management as well as team meetings where we are treated and listened to with respect and as an equal. There is never any negativity and they are always willing to guide and advise you what your next steps are or should be. Even my colleagues are always willing to lend a helping hand in this regard.

There is such a genuine team spirit here. The positivity aspect is so refreshing as well. It’s a pleasure to come to work every morning and I'm always overwhelmed with the kind feedback and positivity in the office.


The one thing I loved about RECRUITERS that I noticed before joining is the fact that they’re different. One of my favourite parts of my job is physically meeting with each of my candidates and having great chats with them and forming relationships with them that I hope will continue into the future.

RECRUITERS don’t aim to put you in any vacancy which might partly resemble what you want in your career. Instead, we make absolutely certain to ensure that we secure you your dream role in a company that you will flourish in. This was repeated again and again and again in my three-month training and induction period when I joined. 


Going back to the people I work with, my colleagues. They are so energetic, enthusiastic and sometimes a bit mad; which means I fit in perfectly! They make the day fly by and they're always at hand for great chats and spreading their endless knowledge and industry insights.


I could nearly give up my gym membership as without a lift and having to climb a flight of stairs to the kitchen for goodies I could run the Dublin Marathon without training – well, not quite - but you get the idea. Any candidate who has met me will know that the first 5 minutes of our interviews is just us catching our breath while talking about anything and everything.

Book Club 

I love to read and I’m always wanting to know what I should read next but in here there is no end to the advice. Luckily, there is also an internal book club! The gang are also so amiable that there is no end to the book recommendations and lending of their books. I’m on a record number of book reads for this year already!


Recruitment is the type of job where every day is a learning day. Each Candidate, or Client, that I meet teaches me something new about themselves, myself, their industry or profession and it’s really influencing my motivation and drive to deliver the best results possible.

So there you go. I just wanted to share some of my initial thoughts with everyone. Trust me, if I didn't mean it - I wouldn't waste my time writing it but I think the world should know how great an employer RECRUITERS is because unfortunately, there's not that many of them anymore. 

Our Marketing Manager, Andrew, also shared some of his first impressions of working at RECRUITERS when he joined back in Jan of this year. Defo worth a read if you get the chance. 

Find out more about working at RECRUITERS and view some of our open roles here.  

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